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100% Ownership in Dubai Mainland

100 ownership in dubai mainland

Historically, restrictions on business ownership in Dubai’s mainland served as barriers for foreign investors, allowing a maximum foreign ownership of only 49%. This stipulation required the inclusion of a local partner, who would hold the majority stake of 51%. However, a landmark shift has occurred. As of June 1, 2021, the UAE government implemented a transformative change to its Commercial Companies Law, enabling 100 percent business ownership for foreign investors in Dubai mainland. This blog post by Choose UAE will elucidate the potential implications of this shift for foreign investors and explore how it revolutionizes the entrepreneurial landscape in Dubai.

100 Percent Ownership in Dubai Mainland

This ground-breaking development in Dubai’s mainland, allowing 100% foreign ownership, marks a significant departure from the long-standing requirement for foreign investors to engage a UAE national as a majority stakeholder. Not only does this change eliminate the mandate for a local sponsor, but it also broadens the horizons for investors worldwide.

This calculated step forms part of a more extensive initiative by the UAE government aimed at accelerating economic growth, luring foreign direct investment (FDI), boosting competitiveness, and spurring innovation. With the introduction of 100 percent ownership, the UAE, and especially Dubai, is now even more alluring to international businesses seeking to secure a robust foothold in the region.

How Can Choose UAE Help

With this revolutionary change, setting up a business in Dubai’s mainland has become a significantly more attractive endeavor. Dubai mainland, with its strategic geographical position, cutting-edge infrastructure, and liberal business environment, presents an unmatched platform for businesses to thrive and expand.

However, while the 100% ownership rule is indeed a game-changer, traversing the legal and bureaucratic complexities of setting up a business in Dubai can still be daunting. This is where expert advice can be invaluable.

Choose UAE offers a comprehensive suite of services, including business registration, acquisition of trade licenses, regulatory compliance, and more. We can guide you through each stage of your business setup process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. With our backing, you can concentrate on what matters the most – nurturing and expanding your business.

To conclude, the new law permitting 100% foreign ownership in Dubai’s mainland has dismantled traditional barriers, providing foreign investors with an unprecedented opportunity to exert full control over their businesses. This development stands to reshape the investment landscape in Dubai, making it an even more appealing destination for international businesses. With expert guidance and support, you can seize these opportunities and establish a flourishing business in this dynamic metropolis.



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