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4 Key Advantages: UAE Visa with Company for Hungarian Expats

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For many Hungarian entrepreneurs, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) represents a land of boundless opportunities, a thriving economy, and a gateway to the broader Middle East region. This burgeoning business hub, with its strategic location, progressive policies, and robust infrastructure, has been increasingly attracting international investments and talent. In the same vein, the UAE offers several pathways to residency, one of the most appealing of which is through company formation. This pathway not only provides entrepreneurs with an investor visa but also endows them with the freedom to conduct business in a dynamic and prosperous economy. In this article, Choose UAE aims to provide an in-depth guide on obtaining a UAE residency visa with company formation for Hungarian entrepreneurs is a multi-faceted opportunity.

UAE Residency Visa with Company for Hungarian Expats

Key 1: Broadening Business Horizons in a Thriving Economy

The foremost advantage of obtaining a UAE residency visa through company formation is the opportunity it affords for full immersion in the UAE’s vibrant business landscape. This economy is characterized by its diversification, robustness, and openness to foreign investments. As a Hungarian entrepreneur, having a company in the UAE not only grants you residency but also positions you at the heart of a prosperous and varied market. The UAE is a powerhouse of opportunities across sectors, such as trade, logistics, tourism, technology, and finance. Thus, a residency visa through company formation can facilitate direct access to these sectors and unlock new avenues for business expansion and diversification. Additionally, the UAE’s strategic geographical location serves as a gateway to the broader Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian markets, further broadening the horizons for Hungarian businesses.



Key 2: Securing Stability and Continuity for Family

The UAE investor visa is not just a document; it’s a gateway to a secure and stable future for both you and your family. Unlike many other types of visas, the UAE investor visa extends the benefit of long-term residency to immediate family members. This includes your spouse, children, and, under certain circumstances, parents and in-laws as well. This residency aspect is particularly significant for entrepreneurs intending to relocate their families to the UAE. Not only does it provide your family with the opportunity to experience the rich culture, lifestyle, and high living standards of the UAE, but it also ensures continuity of their lives without the worry of visa renewals tied to employment status.

Key 3: Greater Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility is a significant attraction of obtaining a UAE residency visa through company formation. Unlike employment visas, which are tied to a specific employer and have limitations on mobility, the UAE investor visa grants the freedom to operate the business as per your strategic vision and plan. It also provides the flexibility to enter and exit the UAE as required, without the restrictions that other visa types might impose. This aspect can be particularly beneficial for Hungarian entrepreneurs who need to travel frequently for business matters or want to maintain connections with their home country.

Key 4: Access to Essential Services and Facilities

Obtaining a UAE residency visa through company formation also offers the benefit of easy access to an array of essential services. These services include the ability to open both personal and corporate bank accounts in the UAE, avail of credit facilities, and access the broad network of double taxation avoidance agreements that the UAE has in place with various countries, including Hungary. Additionally, holders of UAE investor visas can obtain a UAE driving license and purchase vehicles. They can also enroll their children in the UAE’s education system, which boasts a wide range of high-quality international schools. Moreover, healthcare in the UAE is top-tier, with state-of-the-art medical facilities available across the country.

Step 6: Welcome to Your Account

Once your application sails through the approval process, you’re all set to kickstart transactions through your new account. The bank will hand you all the necessary details and credentials.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE specializes in assisting Hungarian entrepreneurs with company formation in the UAE and obtaining a UAE residency visa. We provide tailored business consultation, handle registration and licensing, assist with opening bank accounts, and offer ongoing support services. With our expertise and extensive network, we can help you navigate the process seamlessly. Contact Choose UAE today to explore your business formation and residency visa options.

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