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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Register for VAT in the UAE

how to register vat in uae

The implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE has impacted businesses across various sectors. VAT registration is a crucial step for companies to ensure compliance with the UAE’s tax regulations. Choose UAE will provide a step-by-step guide on how to register for VAT in the UAE and discuss the key points that businesses need to consider.

Who Should Register for VAT in the UAE?

Mandatory Registration

To ensure compliance with the UAE’s VAT regulations, your business must register for VAT if its taxable supplies and imports have exceeded AED 375,000 in the past 12 months or are expected to in the next 30 days. Keep in mind that foreign businesses are not subject to this threshold.

Voluntary Registration

To comply with the UAE’s tax regulations, businesses are required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) if their total value of taxable supplies and imports or taxable expenses in the previous 12 months exceeds the voluntary registration threshold, which is AED 187,500. Additionally, if a business anticipates that their total value of taxable supplies and imports or taxable expenses will exceed the voluntary registration threshold in the next 30 days, they must also register for VAT. It is important for businesses to understand these registration requirements and comply with them to avoid any penalties or legal consequences.


Guide to VAT Registration in the UAE

To register for VAT in the UAE, businesses need to gather the necessary documents, including their trade license, certificate of incorporation, articles of association, passport copies of business owners and partners, Emirates ID of business owners and partners, bank account details, and income statements and financial records. Once the documents are gathered, businesses should visit the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website and create an eServices account. After logging in, they can click on the ‘Register for VAT’ button to begin the registration process.

To complete the VAT registration form, businesses should provide accurate information about their name, address, trade license number, contact information, bank account details, taxable supplies and expenses, and business activities. It’s crucial to ensure all details given are accurate and complete to avoid delays or penalties. Once the form is complete, businesses can submit it to the FTA for review.

If approved, businesses will receive a Tax Registration Number (TRN) within 20 working days. After receiving their TRN, it’s essential to maintain organized records of business transactions, including invoices and receipts, for a minimum of five years. The FTA may request these records during audits or inspections, so keeping them organized is vital.



Key Points to Consider When Registering for VAT in the UAE

1. Understand Your Tax Liability

Before registering for VAT, it’s essential to understand your tax liability and ensure your business processes are aligned with UAE tax regulations. Familiarize yourself with the UAE VAT Law and seek professional advice if

2. Monitor the VAT Registration Threshold

Regularly monitor your business’s taxable supplies to determine if you need to register for VAT. Registering early can help you avoid penalties and ensure compliance with the UAE’s tax regulations.

3. Train Your Staff

Educate your employees about the VAT system and its implications for your business. Training your staff on VAT procedures, such as invoicing and record-keeping, is crucial for successful implementation and compliance.

4. Evaluate the Impact of VAT on Your Business

Assess how VAT will affect your business operations, pricing, and cash flow. Adjust your business strategies accordingly and consider seeking professional advice to minimize any negative impact.


Adhering to the UAE’s VAT regulations is essential for businesses operating within the country. By following the step-by-step guide provided by Choose UAE, businesses can ensure a smooth and compliant VAT registration process. Understanding the implications of VAT on your business operations is crucial in order to make informed decisions and avoid penalties.

How Can We Help

At Choose UAE, we assist businesses with VAT registration and compliance by providing guidance and support throughout the process. Our team of experts can help businesses understand their tax liabilities, train staff on VAT procedures, and evaluate the impact of VAT on company’s operations. With our comprehensive services and dedicated team, we aim to make VAT registration a hassle-free experience for businesses. Contact us today!

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