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About Business License in Dubai Free Zone: Benefits, Activities, and Process

About Business License in Dubai Free Zone: Benefits, Activities, and Process

Dubai is arguably one of the easiest areas in the world to establish a business. Also, investors enjoy plenty of benefits from getting a business license in Dubai free zone. Dubai free zones experience constant growth, attracting more local and foreign investors to the region.

With over 30 fully functional free zones and several others still in the development stage, Dubai can satisfy the needs of anyone interested in creating a company in the UAE. Here is what you should know about obtaining a license in Dubai free zone.

Benefits of Having a Business License in Dubai Free Zone

Obtaining a business license in Dubai free zone comes with numerous benefits, which is why many investors choose to set up companies in this region. In addition to Dubai as a prime location for businesses, 100% foreign company ownership, and having physical office space is not a mandatory requirement, the following are the other advantages of acquiring a business license in Dubai free zone.

Tax Benefits

Investors love the tax incentives associated with setting up a business in Dubai free zone. For instance, while many nations require investors to pay crucial manufacturing and sales taxes, Dubai free zone does not. In fact, setting up a business in this region is nearly tax-free. As a result, business owners and traders can earn additional revenue.

Fewer Trade Restrictions

Dubai has fewer trade limitations, making it ideal for doing business. As long as the business products are under the general trading license, you have less to worry about trade restrictions. 


Improved International and Local Trade 

When you acquire a general trading license in the Dubai free zone, you can manufacture or import goods and sell them to neighboring countries or the local market. 

Improved Credibility 

Often, businesses search for loopholes in regulations and laws to generate higher profits. But, companies that follow the outlined legal requirements gain their customers’ trust.

Acquiring a business license in Dubai free zone increases your company’s exposure to the markets it serves. This helps build credibility and gain trust from your customer base.   

Sponsor Opportunities 

When you obtain a business license in Dubai free zone, it’s easier to sponsor dependents. So, you can bring employees and family members to Dubai and help others during the visa application process.

Popular Business License in Dubai Free Zone

E-commerce License

Dubai contributes a significant amount of money to the global e-commerce market value. Whether you want to start an e-commerce business or provide services to online dealers, Dubai is a great place to get started. Also, an e-commerce license allows you to operate remotely in Dubai and enjoy a 0% tax rate on income. 

General Trading License

A general trading license is the most in-demand license in Dubai, thanks to its numerous benefits. For instance, business owners with this license face limited trade restrictions and can re-export goods.

This trading license covers various business activities, including wholesale and retailing goods, electronics, furniture, clothes, and accessories. A general trading license is ideal if you’re dealing with multiple products.

Consultancy License 

Whether you’re an IT specialist, finance expert or any other industry professional, you can leverage your expertise and set up your consultancy company. Obtaining a consultancy license in Dubai requires a higher education certification in the same field. For example, you must have a media-related degree to start a media business.


Technology License

As the government continues to usher in new initiatives and policies to promote tech innovation, Dubai free zone has become a center for global tech-based companies. Over the past few years, Dubai’s free zones have drawn the attention of numerous tech start-ups.

With the demand for digitization growing daily, there is an increasing need for tech companies to deliver digital solutions, making technology license an ideal choice for anyone looking to exploit the many IT opportunities in Dubai free zone.

Advertising License 

Dubai free zone is the business magnet of the UAE. Therefore, it allows advertisers across local and global markets to establish their businesses. The city has gained attention from global and local companies thanks to its pro-expats and low tax policies. So, obtaining an advertising license would be a great idea as more investors are looking to invest in this business-favorable region.

Process of Getting a Business License in Dubai Free Zone 

Getting a business license is perhaps the most crucial prerequisite to setting up a firm in Dubai free zones. The process of acquiring the license in Dubai free zones is guided by less stringent rules. What’s more, you can obtain it in just a few weeks. The following are the steps involved:

  • Determine your activities
  • Choose the appropriate legal structure
  • Choose your company name
  • Select an office desk or space
  • Get a preliminary approval
  •  Register your business 
  • Acquire the Dubai free zone business license

Getting a business license in Dubai free zone opens you up to plenty of opportunities, including access to modern infrastructure and a limitless potential market. You can acquire various types of licenses based on your activities, such as e-commerce, general trading, technology, and consultancy. What’s more, obtaining a business license is straightforward, and with the help of our experts at Choose UAE,  you can get it in just a few weeks. 

Establishing a solid foundation for your business in the UAE starts with making informed choices. One of the most fundamental is deciding between the distinct entities of FZE and FZC. The implications of this choice can echo throughout the business’s lifespan.

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