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Can a Free Zone Company Conduct Business in Dubai

can a free zone company do business in dubai

The prospect of setting up a business in one of the UAE’s many free zones can be enticing, particularly with the numerous benefits they offer – tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership, and world-class infrastructure, to name just a few. However, a common question that often arises is whether a free zone company can conduct business in mainland Dubai.

Can a Free Zone Company Conduct Business in Dubai?

Indeed, Free zone companies can undertake service-related activities within Dubai, yet they must comply with certain conditions. They have the liberty to offer services to businesses on the mainland, partake in B2B interactions, or cater to individual customers, all in adherence to UAE’s regulatory guidelines. However, trading in the mainland market requires a different approach. Free zone companies are prohibited from direct commercial trading within the mainland and instead must collaborate with a local distributor or employ a commercial agent to distribute their products.

In essence, while free zone companies are granted the liberty to operate in Dubai, the specifics of their operations influence how they steer their market approach. Service providers can enjoy the freedom of operating in Dubai, but for those dealing in trade, it’s imperative to establish local connections to break into the mainland market.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Navigating the complex web of rules and regulations governing business operations in Dubai can be daunting. That’s where we, at Choose UAE, come in. Our team of experienced consultants are well-versed with the UAE’s business landscape and are equipped to provide comprehensive guidance on establishing and running a free zone company in Dubai. Whether it’s understanding the nuances of conducting business in the mainland or establishing fruitful local partnerships for trading, Choose UAE is your trusted partner in this business journey.



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