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Can a FreeZone Company Trade in Dubai Mainland: Answered


can a freezone company trade in mainland

Can a FreeZone Company Trade in Dubai Mainland? Dubai is a hub of business and commerce in the Middle East. The city offers a range of options for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses, including free zone and mainland company formation. While free zone companies offer a host of benefits, some business owners wonder if they can trade in Dubai mainland. In this article, we will explore whether a free zone company can do business in Dubai mainland.


Can a FreeZone Company Trade in Dubai Mainland?

One of the most frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs is whether a free zone company can trade in Dubai mainland. Usually, free zone companies are not allowed to do business outside of their designated free zone area. However, if a free zone company wants to expand their business to the mainland, they can seek permission from the relevant free zone authority and complete the necessary licensing requirements through the local Department of Economic Development in the corresponding emirate.

Is it necessary for the business person to purchase office space? No, it is not necessary to buy office space. Instead, you can opt to lease it.




How Can Choose UAE Help

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