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Company Creation in Dubai 2023

company creation in dubai

Dubai, a global metropolis known for its innovative architecture, bustling markets, and thriving business ecosystem, remains an alluring destination for entrepreneurs worldwide. As the business landscape evolves, the process of company creation in Dubai has been streamlined to cater to the modern entrepreneur. At the heart of this process lies the acquisition of a business license. This 2023 guide delves deep into the step-by-step procedure of acquiring a license and company creation in Dubai.

Steps to License Acquisition and Company Creation in Dubai: 2023 Edition

1. Define Your Business Activity: First and foremost, determine the nature of your business. This will dictate the type of license you need—commercial, professional, industrial, or tourism.

2. Choose Your Business Jurisdiction: Dubai offers two main options:

Mainland: Under the Department of Economic Development (DED), this allows operations freely within the UAE and abroad.

Free Zones: These are designated areas with tax benefits, 100% foreign ownership, and simplified import/export procedures. Each zone caters to a specific type of business activity.

3. Select a Trade Name: Make sure the name you choose mirrors your business’s focus and adheres to the naming standards set out by the local authorities in Dubai.

4. Lodge an Application with Relevant Authorities: Forward your Application to the Designated Authorities: Engage with the DED for mainland enterprises, or with the specific Free Zone Authority if that’s your chosen jurisdiction.

5. Draft a Memorandum of Association (MOA): This essential document maps out the ties between shareholders, crucial for those launching an LLC or a partnership. Importantly, the updated regulations enable complete foreign ownership, offering an alternative to the traditional need for a local partner.

6. Rent an Office Space: Acquiring a designated office space or physical address in Dubai is typically a requirement. The specifics may differ based on your business’s nature and selected jurisdiction.

7. Obtain Additional Approvals (if necessary): Depending on your business domain, sectors such as healthcare or finance may demand supplemental clearances from specific governmental departments in Dubai.

8. Pay the Licensing Fees: After all clearances are secured, the final step to your Dubai business dream is to pay the mandatory fees to acquire your business license.



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Navigating Dubai’s business terrain, especially for newcomers, can be intricate. This is where Choose UAE steps in. With our deep understanding of Dubai’s regulatory environment and a finger on the pulse of its evolving business landscape, we simplify the licensing and company creation process for you. From selecting the right jurisdiction to ensuring your documentation is impeccable, our team provides end-to-end support. Trust Choose UAE to transform your entrepreneurial vision in Dubai into a seamless reality.

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