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Corporate Tax in UAE Starting from June 2023

corporate tax in uae 2023

UAE authorities are working on introducing corporate taxes starting from 1st June 2023, and this awareness has resulted in rumbles among tax professionals and businesses. The Ministry of Finance assures that the taxation will follow the rules of the World Trade Organization. In this case, the tax regime will be highly competitive globally.  

What is a Corporate Tax in the UAE 2023?

Corporate tax is also referred to as ‘Business Profits Tax’ or ‘Corporate Income Tax.’ It directly taxes corporations and other business entities’ profits and net income. Simply put, it is a tax on net profits realized by business corporations. The requirements are for the entities to submit a particular percentage tax rate from their net profits.

Who Is Required To Pay Corporate Tax in the UAE 2023 ?  

Businesses with a net profit exceeding 375,000 AED are subject to corporate tax, and these entities must pay a specific percentage of their net profit as the required corporate tax.

The standard corporate tax payable is 9 percent of the companies’ taxable profit. There is also the accreditation of paid foreign taxes against the corporate payable taxes in the UAE. For this reason, it is impossible to have double taxation.

There will be a zero-statutory tax rate in case the amount of the net profits to 375,000 AED or below. This undertaking aims to support medium, small size, and startup enterprises.

Who is Exempted from Corporate Tax in the UAE 2023?

There are corporate tax exemptions for particular forms of income and companies. Listed below are incomes and businesses exempted from corporate tax.

  •   Corporate tax will not be charged to persons. Individuals who share investments, incomes from real estate, and employment, among other personal income that does not stem from commercial activities or UAE businesses, will not be subject to corporate tax.
  • There will be no tax impositions on cross-border and domestic payments. Therefore, foreign investors with no business operations in the UAE will not be charged the corporate tax.
  •  Entities with continued compliance to free zone regulatory requirements currently enjoy corporate tax incentives, which will remain unaffected.
  •  Organizations dealing with natural resources extraction, gas, and oil production, will be tax exempted. This is because such companies are already on emirate-level taxation.
  •  UAE entities will not be subject to taxes on dividends and capital gains from their qualifying shareholdings.
  • UAE groups may be subject to tax payable as a sole business or apply for a group relief as there are utilization rules on generous loss regarding intragroup restructurings and transactions. 

Corporate tax regime introduction can be an excellent boost for the UAE to attain its strategic goal and offer entities incentives that will enhance the establishment and expansion of their operations. It may not be something people or the market expected. Still, it will be an excellent support for the government finances and an additional source of revenue that will be reinvested into the country’s economy.



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