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DED License Information

ded license information

Embarking on a business journey in Dubai is a significant milestone, and having the right DED license information can act as the cornerstone of your enterprise’s foundation. The Department of Economic Development or DED, stationed at the heart of Dubai’s economic panorama, supervises the city’s economic avenues. Let us delineate the essence of DED in Dubai, bringing to light the services it provides, the crucial steps to procure a license, and settling the commonly surfaced questions.

DED License Information

Understanding DED Dubai

The Department of Economic Development, denoted as DED, is essentially the powerhouse nurturing economic evolution and prosperity in Dubai. Having rooted itself with the objective to augment the economic panorama of the city, DED is vested in crafting a conducive environment for businesses, endorsing a ground rich in opportunities while abiding by a stringent regulatory framework that maintains the order of economic activities.

Services Offered by DED Dubai

DED Dubai stands tall offering a myriad of services designed to foster a frictionless business ecosystem. Among the vast spectrum of services it affords, here are the prominent ones:

  • Business Registration and Licensing: A service meticulously crafted to ensure a streamlined channel for business registration and licensing, it is the gateway for aspiring entrepreneurs to forge and foster their business footprint in Dubai.
  • Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection: A pillar ensuring commercial adherence to ethical norms while safeguarding consumer rights, it builds a fabric of trust in the business ecosystem.
  • Business Support: This service shoulders businesses, guiding them through a multitude of platforms and initiatives tuned to nourish growth and sustainable development.
Steps to Apply for a DED License

Acquiring a DED license entails a journey through structured pathways, illustrated through the following steps:

  1. Determining the Business Activity
  2. Choosing a Trade Name
  3. Submitting the Application
  4. Receiving Approvals and Paying Fees
  5. Receiving Your License



DED License Cost and Other FAQs

Aspiring business minds often find themselves navigating through a sea of questions, here we address the most frequent queries:

How much does it cost to secure a DED license?

While the costs spiral depending on a myriad of factors including business nature and location, you can anticipate a spectrum ranging from 10,000 AED to 50,000 AED, a worthy investment towards securing a firm grounding in the Dubai market.

How long is the waiting period for a DED license?

It typically takes between one to four weeks to get the license, a duration influenced by adherence to regulatory norms and the speed of governmental verifications, necessitating a disciplined and patient approach.

Is 100% foreign ownership a reality in the mainland?

As of June 1, 2021, the UAE government has facilitated a groundbreaking policy allowing foreign investors to have 100% ownership of mainland enterprises, eliminating the previous requirement of having a local sponsor, a change brought about by the revamped commercial companies law.

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Steering your entrepreneurial ship through Dubai’s economic sea can be a smooth sail with Choose UAE by your side. With an in-depth understanding of the DED’s functioning and a rich experience in guiding numerous businesses to fruition, we stand equipped to steer you towards success. Reach out to us to simplify your DED licensing process and take a confident step in the Dubai business world.

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