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Doing Business in UAE? Here’s 7 Business Ideas for Startups 2022

Doing Business in UAE? Here's 7 Business Ideas for Startups 2022

According to Entrepreneur, Dubai makes up about 50% of the total early-stage business startups. UAE has become an international hub for innovation, knowledge transfer, and, most importantly, entrepreneurship. From mesmerizing beaches to swoon-worthy skyscrapers and sparkling harbors, UAE is one of the most promising and enticing centers for expats. Besides offering an ideal ecosystem for business-minded people globally, the country provides the true definition of luxurious life. That’s only some of the advantages that opens up when doing business in the UAE.

If you want to venture into entrepreneurship in Dubai and the UAE, you’re in the right place. Discover the best business ideas for startups worth considering in 2022.

Here’s Some Ideas if You’re Planning on Doing Business in the UAE

1. General Trading

UAE is strategically located, which favors the global general trading business. Therefore, investors can access advanced transportation and logistics infrastructure, facilitating business success. Other features like zero tax on imports and exports make the general trading business a lucrative idea you should consider in 2022. Provided with a central location internationally and its economic diversity, starting your trading business in Dubai and the UAE offers rewards for profitability and expansion opportunities.

Start a general trading business under the Sharjah Free Zone authority for only AED 6500 or Dubai Free Zone for only AED 12500. 

2. Online Selling for Fashion & Jewelry 

Since UAE attracts investors worldwide, people interact and embrace custom outfits from various ethnic backgrounds. In 2022, e-commerce fashion and jewelry stores are popping up, with the local niche segmentation surging due to technologies such as robot-managed warehouses and beacons. Therefore, planning a fashion/jewelry e-commerce site that introduces unique style fashion outfits and jewelry will attract a broader audience.

Sell your products online with an E-commerce license that costs only AED 5750. 

3. IT, Graphic Design, and Digital Marketing Services

As the UAE’s government continues to set initiatives and policies that drive technology innovation, Dubai has become a center for global tech-based corporations and entrepreneurs. Web development, digital marketing, and graphic design are businesses you can start with minimal investment. Other than that, you can perform them remotely. It is an industry worth considering if you’re looking for a business startup idea for advertising and marketing using offline and online methods.

4. Event Management Business 

The event management sector in Dubai is booming. Being one of the most innovative and beautiful cities globally, Dubai is a perfect destination for anyone looking to hold luxurious events. Also, it is ideal for holding global business meetings, private events, showers, and parties. Starting an event management company in Dubai will let you explore the opportunities associated with maintaining and managing such events with the likelihood of meeting high-profile clients.


 5. Business Consultancy Firm

Consultancy business in the UAE is among the most important markets. Setting up an efficient consultancy business service unlocks a wide range of growth opportunities. While you do not need specific qualifications to establish a business consultancy company, prior experience in the sector is a considerable boost. Once you get the required license, creating your brand reputation is crucial as it will help you convert more prospective clients.

6. Real Estate Brokerage

Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities globally, encouraging investors to acquire property. As a result, setting up a real estate property brokerage firm is a booming business in Dubai. More investors are likely to keep coming in the future; therefore, real estate brokerage firms will help them buy and manage their properties for a long time.

7. Short-Term Rentals (Vacation Homes & AirBnBs)

Dubai’s tourism industry is one of the best-performing sectors in the UAE, attracting nearly 979,700 visitors in January 2022. With such a population of business travelers and visitors, short-term rental businesses would be suitable for startups. These tourists rent such properties daily, weekly, or monthly because they are fully furnished and feature utilities like internet, electricity, and water. It’s the best way to feel at home away from home!

Enjoy a serene physical and political environment in one of the best areas to setup your startup company with favorable policies for businesses, such as tax exemptions. What are you waiting for? Establish your startup company in Dubai and the UAE today to unlock limitless growth potential.

Uncover the significance of professional company formation services in the UAE, exemplified by Choose UAE, as an indispensable ally. These services play a pivotal role in navigating the intricate landscape of business setup, ensuring a seamless journey from inception to establishment.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Doing Business in the UAE can be challenging, given the multiple license options available. Choose UAE can assist you and guide you on which trade license is suitable for your business based on your specific requirements. Our Company Formation Specialists will inform you of the legalities, conditions, and rules of setting up– more than that, we take care of the documentation from A to Z. Our goal is to provide a seamless process, so you don’t have to worry about the Government liaison and all the hassle included in the process. 

We are official partners with the Government authorities, so whether you are starting a General Trading, IT, or Ecommerce– our experts will provide you with an impartial business setup advisory. Contact us for a free consultation.

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