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Dubai Free Zone Visa Price: A Detailed Breakdown

dubai free zone visa price

Dubai’s free zones are renowned for their business-friendly environment, offering numerous advantages for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish their presence in the UAE. One of the critical aspects of setting up in a free zone is understanding the visa costs involved, which are pivotal for budgeting and financial planning. This blog provides an informative overview of Dubai free zone visa price, helping you navigate the costs associated with setting up and operating your business in these dynamic economic zones.

Dubai Free Zone Visa Price

Dubai Freezone License with Visa Allocation

A standard Dubai Free Zone License with one visa allocation typically starts from 12,500 AED. This initial package is an excellent entry point for solo entrepreneurs or small business owners who require only one visa for their operation. The cost includes the license fee and the provision for one visa, making it a comprehensive solution for new business setups.

Additional Visa Allocation Costs

For businesses that require more than one employee, additional visa allocations are available, starting from 2,000 AED per visa. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their workforce as needed, accommodating growth and operational demands. The additional visa cost is an essential factor to consider when expanding your team within the free zone.



Investor Visa Costs

For investors looking to secure their stay in the UAE, the Investor Visa is a popular option. A 2-year Investor Visa starts from 4,750 AED, providing investors with the stability and flexibility to oversee their business operations in the region. This visa type is tailored for business owners and investors, granting them residency rights and the ability to actively participate in their business’s day-to-day management.

Other Associated Costs

In addition to the visa and license fees, there are several other costs that businesses need to be aware of when setting up in a Dubai free zone:

Establishment Card: This is a mandatory requirement for all free zone companies, serving as their official identity in the UAE. The cost varies across different free zones.

Change Status: If you are in the UAE and need to change your visa status to a free zone visa, there’s a specific fee for this service, which varies depending on your current visa status and the free zone authority.

Medical Application: All visa applicants must undergo a medical examination as part of the visa application process. The medical application fee is an additional cost that must be factored into the overall visa expenses.

Emirates ID Typing: Applying for an Emirates ID is a requisite for all UAE residents, including free zone visa holders. The typing fee for the Emirates ID application is another cost businesses should consider.

Navigating the costs associated with obtaining a Dubai free zone visa is crucial for effective business planning and financial management. By understanding the various fees—from the initial license with visa allocation to additional visas and other administrative costs—entrepreneurs can make informed decisions, ensuring a smooth and successful business setup in Dubai’s free zones. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or an investor, a clear grasp of these costs will aid in optimizing your business strategy and operations in the UAE’s thriving economic landscape.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we specialize in guiding entrepreneurs and investors through the intricacies of obtaining a Dubai Free Zone Visa, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective process. Our expertise covers everything from initial license acquisition with visa allocation to handling additional visas and managing other associated costs. We provide tailored solutions that align with your business needs, allowing you to focus on growth while we navigate the visa process on your behalf. Start your journey in Dubai’s dynamic free zones with Choose UAE—contact us today to simplify your visa acquisition and set the foundation for your success in the UAE.

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