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Eligibility for Green Visa: A 5 Year Residence Visa UAE

Eligibility for Green Visa: A 5 Year Residence Visa UAE

The United Arab Emirates has become famous for its current developments, making them more preferred by investors and businesses. According to the World Population Review, expatriates in the UAE comprises 85% of the country’s population. The massive relocation results from UAE’s attractive, affordable and profitable opportunities. However, there are conditions for A 5 Year Residence Visa UAE: Green Visa eligibility and other necessary requirements.

What is Green Visa: A 5 Year Residence Visa UAE?

A UAE Green Visa is a special pass allowing foreigners to invest, work, and live in the UAE. It will enable individuals to start their own companies and manage their employees. The visas are part of the UAE’s initiative to help develop and advance the country’s economy.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Green Visa? 

Whether or not you are eligible for a Green Visa, our Government relations officers can assist you in applying for any UAE residence visa with ease, along with your dependents. Below are the conditions to qualify for a 5 year residence visa UAE, Green Visa:

Skilled Workers

Skilled individuals can acquire a 5-year residency without needing an employer or sponsor, and applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • One must have a well-founded employment contract.
  • Guided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), the applicant should be either in the first, second, or third professional level.
  • One must at least have attained a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in their educational level.
  • The salary should be a minimum of Dh 15,000.
Self-Employed and Freelancing Individuals

These individuals can acquire a 5-year residency without needing an employer or sponsor in the UAE. Applicant’s requirements include:

  • Issuance of self-employment or freelancing endorsement from MOHRE.
  • The applicant must have at least a specialized diploma or bachelor’s degree.
  • The self-employed individuals’ annual income for the last two years must be at least AED 360,000.
Partners or Investors

Individuals engaging in or starting commercial activities are issued 5 years of residency. One needs proof and approval of the investments.


Benefits of the 5 Year Residence Visa UAE: Green Visa 

The 5 Year Residence Visa UAE: Green Visa greatly benefits foreigners looking forward to living, working, and investing in the country. Below are some of the advantages one can enjoy after obtaining the UAE Green Visa:

  • No Sponsorship Required: The Green Visa is different from the other visas as one does not require an employer’s sponsorship. This means that one can independently live and work in the UAE. Therefore, it is a secure visa as the employer has no power to cancel it.
  • Family Members Sponsorship:  One is allowed to sponsor their dependents, first-degree relatives, and spouse. Individuals sponsored can also enjoy similar advantages and benefits as the visa holder. 
  • Easy Travels: Acquiring a Green Visa makes it easier for one to move in and out of the country. When the need arises requiring an individual to travel outside the UAE, it is easy to exit and re-enter with the UAE Green Visa.


  • Investing or Starting a Business: With the Green Visa, one can invest or launch a company in the UAE. Additionally, one acquires the right to recruit and manage employees in their business.


  • Open Multiple Bank Accounts in UAE: Individuals with a Green Visa can have various UAE bank accounts. This is advantageous, especially when establishing a company or investing in the UAE.


  • Work, Live, and Study in the UAE: Professional individuals get the opportunity to work and live in the UAE. They can also opt to pursue their studies in the country.


  • No Corporate and Income Taxes: Residents in the UAE live in a tax-free environment, an advantage extended to foreigners. It is hence, an excellent choice for investment and business start-ups.

The development of a Green Visa is an authentic opportunity for eligible individuals to be part of the UAE, which is the perfect region due to its increasing growth. The country is focused on making it the best place for one to work, study, visit and live.

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