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Establishing a Company in UAE Guide for Sri Lankan

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands as a beacon of opportunity for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs seeking to scale their ventures. As a global hub of commerce and innovation, the UAE offers a conducive business environment characterized by strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and an encouraging regulatory framework. Here’s how you set up a company in UAE as a Sri Lankan:

Establishing a Company in UAE Guide for Sri Lankan

Firstly, Sri Lankan entrepreneurs need to identify their business activity from the extensive list of options provided by the UAE. With over 2,000 activities across diverse sectors such as finance, healthcare, hospitality, technology and more, the selection of a business activity is a critical factor that influences your company’s license type.

The next critical decision pertains to the selection of the company’s legal structure. Options range from Sole Proprietorship and Partnerships to Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Joint Stock Companies. The decision is based on various factors including business nature, number of partners, liability scope, and the amount of capital investment.

Another important consideration is the selection between mainland and Free Zone jurisdiction. A mainland company allows unrestricted business operations throughout the UAE, while a Free Zone company, although mainly restricted to its zone, offers numerous benefits such as tax advantages and customs exemptions.

Upon settling these aspects, Sri Lankan entrepreneurs need to apply for the necessary business license. The UAE government issues three types of licenses – commercial, professional, and industrial, with the choice of license determined by the nature of your business activity.

Finally, after securing the business license, the next step involves the opening of a corporate bank account in the UAE. The UAE’s banking sector comprises numerous local and international banks, each offering varied services. The choice of a banking partner should align with your unique business requirements.

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