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Establishing a Dubai Mainland Company as a Singaporean

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For entrepreneurs with a global vision, Dubai stands as a premier destination for business expansion. Singaporean investors, in particular, may find the opportunities presented by Dubai Mainland to be both compelling and rewarding.

Dubai Mainland is lauded for its liberal economy that offers free access to expansive UAE and Gulf markets. This aspect, coupled with Dubai’s advantageous geographical location at the crossroads of East and West, opens the doors to a massive market of over 2.2 billion people reachable within a four-hour flight. The Department of Economic Development (DED) holds the jurisdiction over Dubai Mainland and supervises all its economic activities. This jurisdiction is well-suited to businesses looking to trade directly within the vibrant UAE market, providing an array of opportunities across various sectors.

Establish a Dubai Mainland Company as a Singaporean

The procedure for establishing a business in Dubai Mainland is straightforward and methodical. Entrepreneurs first need to determine their business activity from the extensive list of over 2,000 activities recognized by the DED. Following this, a unique and compliant business name needs to be chosen and registered.

Subsequently, an application for a commercial, professional, or industrial license should be filed, depending on the nature of the business activity. Furthermore, securing physical office space is mandatory as per DED requirements for businesses operating in Dubai Mainland.

Once all necessary documents are compiled and all prerequisites fulfilled, the business registration process can be finalized. After the registration, a corporate bank account can be set up with any of the numerous local or international banks operating in the UAE, facilitating efficient business operations.


Dubai Mainland, with its robust economy and business-friendly environment, provides fertile ground for businesses to thrive. For Singaporean investors, it serves as an exciting pathway to penetrate the dynamic Middle Eastern market and beyond.

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