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Establishing an LLC Company in Dubai for Italian Expats

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Dubai has emerged as a thriving business hub, attracting entrepreneurs from across the globe to set up their ventures in this dynamic city. For Italian entrepreneurs considering expanding their business in the Middle East, establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai can be an advantageous option. In this comprehensive guide, Choose UAE will delve into the key aspects of setting up an LLC company in Dubai for Italian business owners.

Understanding the LLC Structure

An LLC is one of the most popular business structures in Dubai due to its flexibility and limited liability protection for shareholders. In an LLC, the liability of each shareholder is limited to their share in the company’s capital. This structure allows for a maximum of 50 shareholders and requires a minimum of two. One significant aspect of setting up an LLC in Dubai is that a local Emirati sponsor owning at least 51% of the company’s shares is not valid anymore as the UAE has amended its laws to allow foreigners to establish onshore companies with 100% ownership, without requiring a major Emirati shareholder or agent. The change applies to all nationalities and is expected to attract more foreign investment to the country.



Benefits of an LLC Company in Dubai for Italian Entrepreneurs

There are several benefits of setting up an LLC in Dubai for Italian entrepreneurs, including:

Access to the UAE’s vibrant and diverse market

No corporate or personal income tax

No restrictions on repatriation of profits or capital

Access to world-class infrastructure and business support services

Opportunity to tap into the city’s skilled workforce

How to Setup an LLC Company in Dubai for Italian Entrepreneurs

To establish an LLC in Dubai as an Italian entrepreneur, follow these essential steps: select a trade name in compliance with UAE guidelines, obtain initial approval from the DED by providing the necessary details, draft a legally compliant MOA that is notarized, secure suitable office space and finalize a tenancy contract, acquire the required licenses and permits from relevant authorities, and register your company with the DED to obtain a trade license.

Once your trade license is ready, dive into the task of creating your corporate bank account in Dubai, with the expert navigation provided by Choose UAE. We make the complex seem simple, ensuring a streamlined experience for you. Lean on Choose UAE to expertly guide you through Dubai’s corporate banking intricacies, setting your business on a trajectory towards success.


Establishing an LLC company in Dubai offers a plethora of benefits for Italian entrepreneurs looking to expand their business in the UAE. By following the steps outlined in this guide and partnering with a trusted consultant like Choose UAE, Italian business owners can successfully navigate the process of setting up their LLC in Dubai and capitalize on the city’s abundant opportunities.

How Can Choose UAE Help

For Italian entrepreneurs seeking assistance in setting up an LLC in Dubai, Choose UAE is an invaluable resource. Their team of experts can guide you through the entire process, from selecting a trade name to obtaining licenses and permits, ensuring a smooth and efficient company formation experience. Learn more about out business formation packages, or contact us.

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