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Factors that Affects Delivery Service License Cost in Dubai

delivery service license cost in dubai

The rapid growth of e-commerce and increased demand for convenience have made delivery services a lucrative business opportunity in Dubai. For entrepreneurs looking to enter this thriving market, obtaining a delivery service license is a crucial step. This blog post will provide you with a detailed overview of obtaining a delivery service license and its cost in Dubai and offer insights to help you make an informed decision.

Factors that Affects Delivery Service License Cost in Dubai

Initial Licensing Fees

The first step to starting your delivery service business in Dubai is obtaining a license, and the cost depends on the business jurisdiction (mainland or free zone) and the specific licensing authority. On average, the initial cost for a delivery service license starts from 14,900 AED. This fee covers the issuance of the trade license, registration with the licensing authority, and any necessary approvals. Please note that these amounts are subject to change.

Annual License Renewal

In addition to the initial licensing fee, you must also renew your delivery service license annually. The cost of license renewal depends on the jurisdiction and the licensing authority. The annual renewal fee typically falls within the same range as the initial licensing fee.



Additional Approvals and Permits

Depending on the scope of your delivery service business and the types of goods you plan to transport, you may need to obtain additional approvals and permits from various government authorities, such as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Municipality. The cost of these approvals and permits varies, so it’s crucial to research your business’s specific requirements.

Office Space and Facility Expenses

Establishing a delivery service business in Dubai necessitates acquiring office space, as well as a warehouse or storage facility if needed. The cost of office and storage spaces can differ substantially based on location, dimensions, and amenities. Furthermore, you’ll need to account for expenses related to setting up the facility, such as acquiring or leasing equipment, furnishings, and other essential items.

Transportation and Maintenance Expenses

As a delivery service provider, you’ll need to invest in a fleet of vehicles appropriate for shipping goods. Vehicle costs are influenced by factors such as the brand, model, and capacity, as well as any required adjustments for your specific business requirements. Additionally, budget for ongoing vehicle upkeep, fuel, insurance, and registration expenses.

Visa and Workforce Expenses

Operating a delivery service business in Dubai will likely involve hiring personnel and securing visas for them. The expense of employee visas is influenced by variables such as the individual’s nationality, job title, and salary. Additionally, factor in the costs related to employee compensation, benefits, and other labor-associated expenses. Use Choose UAE’s cost calculator to learn more.


The flourishing e-commerce industry and rising demand for convenient services make starting a delivery service business in Dubai an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs. By comprehending the various expenses associated with securing a delivery service license and operating the business, you can make educated decisions.

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Choose UAE is here to help you navigate each step of the process, from acquiring licenses and permits to finding office space and managing your workforce. With our expert assistance and support, you can confidently establish and expand your delivery service business in Dubai. Contact us now!

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