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Guide for Canadian Expats: Sponsoring Your Family in Dubai

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Dubai, recognized as a global hub for business and tourism, extends beyond being a mere workplace for expatriates. This vibrant city welcomes expatriates, including Canadians, to not only build their careers but also establish a familial life. To facilitate this, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has instituted a family sponsorship system. Sponsoring family in Dubai for Canadian citizens is a provision that enables you to sponsor visas for your immediate family members. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to navigating this process, thereby ensuring your loved ones can partake in the rich, dynamic life and explore the limitless opportunities that Dubai presents.

Understanding UAE’s Family Sponsorship

As a Canadian residing in the UAE, you are accorded the privilege to bring your family closer to your new home. The UAE government permits foreign business owners to sponsor their spouse, children, and, under specific conditions, parents and siblings. The individuals you sponsor are then qualified for a UAE residency visa, allowing them to stay in the UAE legally.

To successfully sponsor your family as a Canadian expat, you must meet certain criteria. The core requirements include having a valid UAE residency visa, which you would obtain as a business owner, and earning a specific minimum income. This income threshold is set by the UAE government to ensure that you can adequately support your sponsored family members. The specific requirements may vary slightly depending on the family member you’re intending to sponsor. By meeting these conditions, Canadian business owners can provide their family with the opportunity to experience the dynamic lifestyle of the UAE, connecting personal and professional lives in a unique and enriching way.



Eligibility: Sponsoring Your Family in Dubai for Canadian National

As a UAE resident, your sponsorship extends to:

Your Spouse: Marriage is more than a bond; it’s a certified commitment, especially when it comes to visa sponsorship. You’ll need an attested marriage certificate from the UAE embassy in Canada and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Your Children: Visa sponsorship covers sons under 18 and unmarried daughters of any age. For sons aged 18 or older, a visa is provided only if they are pursuing higher education.

Your Parents: Sponsoring your parents requires evidence of your sole responsibility for their well-being. Moreover, you’re required to rent a separate two-bedroom apartment for them, making sure they’re as comfortable in Dubai as they were back home.

Roadmap: Sponsoring Your Family in Dubai

The journey to securing a family visa can be broken down into several steps:

Valid Residency Visa: The first stop on this journey is your valid UAE residency visa. It’s the foundation upon which your sponsorship stands.

Documents – Your Toolkit: Arm yourself with the necessary documents, including your passport, UAE residency visa, Emirates ID, and proof of employment or salary certificate. Additional documents may be required, depending on the family member you’re sponsoring.

Application Submission: Applications can be submitted at registered typing centers. If you’re more comfortable with digital procedures, you can apply online through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in your respective emirate.

Visa Transition and Entry: Once your family sponsorship application is approved, your loved ones will be issued an entry permit, marking their official welcome to the UAE. Upon their arrival, it’s necessary to adjust their visa status. This process may entail a status adjustment procedure within the UAE or require the sponsored family member to exit and re-enter the country to activate their residency visa. This comprehensive step ensures their smooth transition into their new life in the UAE.

Health Verification and Identity Registration: Following their successful entry into the UAE, your family members will undergo a standard medical examination. This is a crucial step designed to protect the health and safety of all residents. In parallel, you will need to register your sponsored family members for their Emirates ID. This critical identification card solidifies their status as UAE residents, giving them access to various services and facilities throughout the Emirates. Together, these steps underscore the importance of health and identity verification for new residents in the UAE.

Visa Stamping: The final step is having the visa stamped on the sponsored family member’s passport, officially securing the residency visa.

How Can Choose UAE Help

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