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How Much is Working Visa through Company Formation in the UAE

how much working visa in uae

With its prosperous business environment and diverse opportunities, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to draw ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals from across the globe. One of the critical components to successfully engaging with this dynamic business climate is obtaining a (freelance) working visa in the UAE. Interestingly, this can be achieved by forming your own company in the region. In this detailed guide, Choose UAE will explore how much is working visa is via business incorporation in UAE.

How Much is Working Visa in the UAE

The financial aspect of obtaining a working visa in the UAE can vary depending on multiple parameters, such as your business nature, the jurisdiction you choose (mainland or free zone), and the specific visa type. Typically, a working visa can cost anywhere between AED 14,500 to 20,00. However, these costs can change based on the factors mentioned and any supplementary services you may necessitate.

By setting up a company in the UAE and obtaining a self-sponsored freelance visa, you gain access to a range of benefits. This includes the independence and adaptability to shape your professional journey in the UAE according to your vision. With a working visa, you have the legal capacity to operate and explore local UAE markets, expanding your business opportunities. Additionally, possessing a freelance visa facilitates the process of opening a corporate bank account, enabling efficient financial management. Moreover, you can sponsor visas for your family members, allowing them to join and reside with you in the UAE. Take advantage of these opportunities and embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey in the thriving business landscape of the UAE.

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When seen through the prism of business formation, the cost of a UAE working (freelance) visa translates into a worthy investment in your professional advancement. Establishing a business in the UAE while self-sponsoring your freelance visa combines the advantages of entrepreneurship and career development. With a partner like Choose UAE, this journey can be seamless and trouble-free, enabling you to channel your efforts on the most important aspect – growing and scaling your business.

Choose UAE stands at the forefront of understanding the complexities of the UAE’s business dynamics and the pivotal role a freelance visa plays in your entrepreneurial narrative. Our team is prepared to walk you through the business formation process, helping you navigate the cost factors associated with securing a freelance visa in the UAE. We simplify the process by providing tailored support and expert insights at each step.



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