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How to Add Activity in Dubai Trade License

how to add activity in dubai trade license

A trade license is a critical tool that sets the groundwork for performing commercial operations within Dubai. Nevertheless, businesses are not static entities and with growth comes the need for diversification. Recognizing this dynamic nature of business, Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) allows for the augmentation of your trade license with additional activities. In this guide, Choose UAE elucidates the process of how to add an activity in Dubai trade license.

How to Add Activity in Dubai Trade License

Step 1: Strategic Planning

Before diving into the practical steps of adding a new activity to your trade license, it’s imperative to have an in-depth, well-thought-out plan. Begin by conducting market research to identify the feasibility and demand for the new activity you intend to add. Ensure that this addition complements your existing business and has the potential for growth. Familiarize yourself with the legal framework and regulatory environment in Dubai, and confirm that your planned activity abides by local laws and commercial regulations. Creating a business plan that outlines your goals, target market, budgetary considerations, and expected ROI can also be immensely helpful.

Step 2: Submission of Application

When you are confident with your strategy and have ensured the compliance of your new activity with Dubai’s regulations, proceed to the application phase. This can be done through the Dubai Economic Department’s (DED) online portal or at their service center. Be attentive while filling out the application form, ensuring all the information about your new business activity is accurate. It is advisable to double-check for any specific requirements or permits that might be needed for the new activity, as this varies depending on the nature of the business.



Step 3: Submission of Relevant Documents

This phase requires meticulous attention to detail. You must ensure that all the documents you submit are current and valid. Along with your existing trade license and passport copies, you may need to include a detailed business plan, No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from relevant authorities, or other specific documents required for your new activity. In some cases, approvals from external government bodies or professional associations may be required. Organize your documents carefully, as clarity and thoroughness at this stage can expedite the approval process.

Step 4: Approval and Payment Process

Once your documents are submitted, your application will be reviewed by the DED. This review process can take some time, so be patient. It’s advisable to keep tabs on the status of your application and be available for any queries or additional requirements. Upon successful approval, you will be informed about the fees applicable for adding the new activity. This might vary depending on the nature of the activity. Prompt payment is recommended. After the payment is made, the DED will issue an updated trade license that includes your new business activity. It is important to carefully review the updated license to ensure all information is accurate.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Diversifying your business activities can open up new opportunities for growth and profit. However, understanding and complying with the regulations and procedures involved can be complex. This is where professional services like Choose UAE come in, assisting you at each step and ensuring that your business remains compliant as it expands.

At Choose UAE, we understand that expanding your business operations can be both exciting and challenging. Our team of business setup consultants can guide you through the process of adding new activities to your Dubai trade license. From providing expert advice on regulatory compliance to assisting with documentation and liaising with the DED, we ensure your application process is seamless and efficient.

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