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How to Apply for Your Own Visa in UAE

how to apply own visa in uae

The United Arab Emirates stands tall as a beacon of growth, opportunity, and innovation in the Middle East. Its vibrant business landscape, combined with unparalleled infrastructural marvels and cosmopolitan allure, makes it an entrepreneur’s dreamland. For many individuals, however, the goal isn’t just to establish a venture in the UAE but also to cement their personal presence within its borders. This brings us to a unique proposition – setting up your own company in the UAE and subsequently sponsoring yourself through an investor visa. Let’s delve into how to apply for your own visa in UAE.

Starting a business in the UAE is an ambitious endeavor, but the rewards, both personal and professional, are monumental. Establishing your own company provides you not just with a business platform but also anchors your personal presence in the UAE through the coveted investor visa.

How to Apply for Your Own Visa in UAE

Steps to Achieve Self-Sponsorship:

Business Plan and Foundation: Begin with a robust business plan that articulates your venture’s vision, mission, and projected growth trajectory. With your plan in place, decide where you wish to establish your business – mainland UAE or one of its numerous Free Zones. Each offers its distinct advantages, so tailor your choice to your business needs.

Company Registration and Licensing: Depending on your chosen location, initiate the company registration process. This involves submitting the necessary documentation, obtaining approvals from relevant authorities, and finally securing the appropriate business license. Remember, the nature of your business will dictate the type of license you require.

Investor Visa Application: With your company legally established, you can now pivot to the primary goal – sponsoring yourself. Apply for the investor visa, which allows you to reside in the UAE as a business owner. This visa, typically valid for three years, requires you to invest in your company and offers the added advantage of sponsoring family members too.

Meeting Investor Visa Requirements: To obtain the investor visa, ensure you meet all stipulated requirements, including a minimum investment amount in your company and a valid tenancy contract. Remember, visa rules and specifications can vary, so it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest guidelines.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Venturing into the entrepreneurial world of the UAE, and concurrently steering through the visa application process, can seem challenging. But with the right guidance, it’s a seamless journey. At Choose UAE, we offer expert counsel and assistance at every step. From company registration and licensing to investor visa application, our team is committed to ensuring your aspirations turn into tangible success. Contact us.



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