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How to Create an Amazon Seller Account in the UAE

how to create amazon seller account in uae

With the surge in online shopping, Amazon has become a behemoth in the global e-commerce landscape. The platform’s expansion into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) presents a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to tap into its widespread customer base. Aspiring sellers often grapple with the question, “How do I create an Amazon Seller Account in the UAE?” In this blog, Choose UAE aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the process, equipping you with the necessary information to establish your presence on this thriving marketplace

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account in the UAE

Launching an online business in the UAE involves several key stages. The first step is to secure an e-commerce license, which is essential for your online operations. You have the option of acquiring a free zone license, offering benefits such as a 100% customs exemption and no currency restrictions. The procurement process necessitates a variety of documents, including passport copies and photos of the shareholders, visa copies, and Emirates ID copies, if applicable.

Once you’ve obtained your e-commerce license, you can then transition to the setting up of your Amazon seller account. There are two alternatives: you can either leverage your existing customer account to start selling products or create a new Amazon seller account using a business email. The latter approach will necessitate the submission of several pieces of information and documents including your e-commerce license, passport or residence ID, a valid billing address with a phone number, and details of your corporate bank account. This consolidated approach ensures a smooth transition into your online selling journey in the UAE.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we are dedicated to assisting you in acquiring your online seller license with minimal cost and hassle, obviating the need for your physical presence during the entire process. The free zone license, particularly, proves to be beneficial given the 100% customs exemption and absence of currency restrictions.



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