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How To Get a Freelance License in the UAE

How To Get A Freelance License In The UAE

It is difficult for individuals who find entrepreneurship inspiring to picture themselves pursuing a narrow career path in paid employment. Spending their whole work life in the same type of firm or country is unimaginable for them. Without sovereignty over your future, it may not be fulfilling enough to ascend the corporate ladder and become a senior manager. Freelancing provides an incredible balance between discipline and responsibility, flexibility and freedom.

What is a Freelancer in the UAE?    

Over the years, freelancing has been common for individuals looking to do tasks off-site, in their own space with personal tools and resources. Their contracts with clients are short-term and temporary, either for a day, hours, or till the completion of a task. 

Benefits of Freelancing in the UAE    

There are various benefits of freelancing, and some include:

  • Minimal expenses with increased profits,

  • No requirement for office space, your home becomes your office.

  • Freedom of exploring a variety of opportunities and choosing tasks to focus on,
  • Achievement of work and life balance with time flexibility resulting in optimal job satisfaction,
  • Become your own boss and develop your brand.



Steps to Become A Licensed Freelancer in the UAE

Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a freelancer in the UAE:

  • Identify an industry of interest: It is possible that freelancing could be a lifetime and profitable job. Therefore, you need to select an enjoyable activity and one you can take pride in. Being passionate about what you do is a great motivator.


  •  Prepare your business plan: Despite a business plan being a requirement for applying for a trading license, it is a primary tool in planning operations. The business plan forecasts your future position and helps assess your performance against expectations. 


  •  Select the business name: The company name tells so much about you and the services offered. Therefore, you should be creative in selecting the name due to the impression it may convey to your clients. 


  • Obtaining the trade license: To be a legal freelancer in the UAE, one must obtain a Trade License. Obtaining a freelance license can be challenging due to the various license options available in the UAE. It is always recommended to go with a Company Formation Advisor who can guide you through the process, requirements and other legalities. 

A freelancer may either obtain a license from Dubai Mainland or a UAE free zone. In Mainland, the license cost starts from AED 14,500 while in Free Zone, the cheapest in Dubai is AED 12500 It is common for most individuals to delay establishing operations due to the projected difficulties associated with the business setup process. However, thanks to our Company Formation Specialists, the process should not be a course for alarm. 

Top 10 Activities for Freelancers in the UAE

The current digital transformations and technological developments have prompted many individuals in the UAE to turn to freelance. Below are some of the popular freelancing activities:

  • Photography: Being a freelance photographer allows you to plan your time and work conveniently. You have the freedom to travel while working without affecting your job. 

  • Web Designer: Currently, almost all companies have digital operations, hence the need for web designers. The increased demand makes it easier for freelancers to scale up.

  • Graphic Designer: Companies are in need of graphic designers more than ever due to the increased use of visual communication as the competitiveness in the market requires brands that stand out.

  • Online Teaching: Despite the tough hustle for clients and networking, online teaching pays better, and you can enjoy the flexibility. 

  • Fashion Design Consultant: UAE is booming with celebrities and influencers, hence the need for fashion consultants are rising to give tailored advice on styles and outfits that suit clients’ preferences.

  • Project Management: Project managers can be the driving force behind the success of an organization that seeks to accomplish corporate goals day by day. 

  • Brand Consultant: If you’re a marketing professional who is well-versed in creating and implementing brand strategies, this could be the perfect freelance business for you. 

  • Painting or sculpting: Painting and shaping 3D designs do not always require the hassle of renting office space and hiring people, hence it is a perfect skill one can generate profit from. 

  • Event Organizing: If you’re adept in coordinating and organizing events, UAE is the place for you to venture into freelancing with its wide network and vibrant community. 

If you are aspiring to work for yourself, now is the time to be away from the chains of rigid work life and become your own manager. 

Benefits of Having a Trade License as a Freelancer in the UAE

With UAE’s strict regulations, acquiring a trade license comes with several benefits that is vital to keep your business secured and your clients comfortable to do business with you. 

  • Operating under a trade license gives you the freedom to do business with clients long-term

  • Companies are more likely to trust freelancers with a trade license as they will be more at ease in conducting business with you 

  • Having a trade license can give you the option to hire employees in the future

  • You can easily set up a corporate bank account for your business

How Can Choose UAE Help

We provide assistance to successfully setup as a freelancer in the UAE so you can have the freedom to operate without worrying about legal constraints. For as low as AED 6,500, you can get a trade license processed easily from start to finish with Choose UAE. This license will allow you to offer services as a Freelancer in the UAE legally. You can also have up to three different business activities under one license. 

Once your trade license is released, our Dedicated Account Managers, Marketing Experts, and Accounting Specialists can help you kickstart your business by assisting you in your Company Bank Opening, Lead Generation, and even Bookkeeping. Our team is always within reach to give you all the assistance and support you need. Schedule a free consultation today and contact us

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