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How to Get a Tourism License in Dubai

how to get tourism license in dubai

The bustling city of Dubai, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, iconic landmarks, and multifaceted cultural experiences, is a thriving hub for the global tourism industry. If you’re an entrepreneur contemplating how to dive into this lucrative sector, the first step is understanding “how to get a tourism license in Dubai”. This crucial document serves as your gateway to launching a tourism business in this vibrant city. This detailed guide will outline the three fundamental steps on how to get your tourism license in Dubai, easing your journey towards becoming a part of Dubai’s booming tourism industry.

How to Get a Tourism License in Dubai

Step 1: Draft a Comprehensive Business Plan and Choose the Appropriate License

The process of obtaining a tourism license in Dubai begins with laying the groundwork for your tourism enterprise. This starts with creating a detailed business plan, which should highlight your business’s nature, target clientele, marketing tactics, financial outlook, and long-term growth strategy. Your business plan not only shapes the direction of your venture but also assists in attracting potential investors.

Equally essential in this stage is identifying the type of tourism license that aligns with your services. Dubai offers three main types of tourism licenses:

Inbound Tour Operator: Ideal if your business will cater to foreign tourists visiting Dubai.

Outbound Tour Operator: Suitable if your venture aims to organize overseas trips for residents of Dubai.

Travel Agent: The perfect fit if your business involves providing services like flight and hotel bookings for clients.

Step 2: Compile Required Documentation and Apply for the License

After crafting a sound business plan and deciding on the suitable license type, the next step involves assembling the required documentation. The specifics might differ slightly depending on your chosen license type, but generally, you need:

✓ Passport Copy

✓ Two Passport-size Photographs

✓ Trade Name (3 possible options for a trade name or company name)

✓ Residence Address Proof (UAE or home country)

✓ Visa Copy (if you are a resident) or Entry Stamp (if you are on a tourist visa). Skip if you don’t have either of them.

✓ Emirates ID (front and back) – If you are a UAE resident only, otherwise it’s not needed

✓ Payment Proof

With all your documents at hand, you are now ready to submit your application to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Upon careful scrutiny of your application, DTCM will grant your tourism license against a prescribed fee.



Step 3: Kickstart Your Tourism Business

With the tourism license in your possession, you’re all set to bring your tourism business to life in Dubai. This step involves setting up your office, recruiting a team of talented individuals, and initiating impactful marketing campaigns to attract your target market. Taking the plunge into Dubai’s thriving tourism sector can be significantly rewarding, given its potential and growth trajectory. However, the licensing process can be intricate, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the local regulations and meticulous attention to detail.

How Can Choose UAE Help

This is where we, at Choose UAE, can assist. Our expert team specializes in understanding and simplifying the licensing process, saving you time and resources. We can guide you at every step, from deciding on the right license to submitting your application, so you can focus on what truly matters – building a successful tourism business in Dubai. Collaborate with Choose UAE to streamline your journey in the dynamic Dubai tourism industry.

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