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How to Get an Online Selling License in UAE

how to get online selling license in uae

With Dubai’s e-commerce sales predicted to reach a staggering $7.6 billion by 2025, the potential for online businesses in the region is undeniable. If you’re wondering how to get an online selling license in UAE to leverage this growth, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the nuances of obtaining an e-commerce license in both Dubai Free Zone and other UAE Free Zones.

How to Get an Online Selling License in UAE

1. Ecommerce License in Dubai Free Zone

Cost: AED 12,900


  • Scope of Operation: With this license, you can tap into the flourishing local and international e-commerce markets.
  • Ownership: A unique feature of the Dubai Free Zone is the allowance of 100% ownership, eliminating the need for local sponsorship.
  • Lease Agreement: Tailor-made lease agreements ensure you have the operational space suited to your specific needs.
  • Shareholding: Multiple shareholders can contribute diverse perspectives and investment strategies for your venture.
  • Versatility: A single license covering multiple activities simplifies business operations and compliance.
  • No Office Space Requirement: This feature is crucial for startups or businesses transitioning to online models, eliminating overhead costs.
  • Additional Advantages: From dedicated support to streamlined processes, the Free Zone offers unparalleled benefits.
2. Ecommerce License in UAE Free Zone

Cost: AED 5,750


  • Scope of Operation: Harness the expansive UAE market and beyond, catering to diverse customer demographics.
  • Ownership: The liberty of 100% ownership ensures complete control and decision-making autonomy.
  • Lease Agreement: Flexible lease terms cater to businesses of all scales and models.
  • Shareholders: The inclusion of multiple shareholders fosters a collaborative investment environment.
  • Diverse Activities: A vast array of permissible activities under a single license offers businesses the agility they need.
  • No Office Space Obligation: Reducing overheads and focusing on core e-commerce functionalities is easier without the burden of physical spaces.
  • Other Benefits: From mentoring to networking, the Free Zones offer a plethora of growth-oriented benefits.



3. Ecommerce License in Dubai Mainland

Cost: AED 14,900


  • Scope of Operation: A holistic license that accommodates both niche local markets and the expansive international audience.
  • Complete Ownership: Bypass local sponsorship and enjoy the privilege of 100% ownership.
  • Visa Flexibility: Attract global talent with unrestricted visa offerings, enriching your business operations.
  • Premises Selection: The freedom to strategically position your office or shop can significantly influence market penetration.
  • Government Projects: Having access to government projects opens avenues for large-scale growth and recognition.
  • Niche Selling: Specialized selling ensures targeted marketing and efficient resource utilization.
  • More Benefits: The Dubai Mainland license offers a myriad of advantages, from regulatory support to market insights.
Documents Required for Ecommerce License
  • Offered three unique trade names to ensure brand identity and recognition.
  • Clear and comprehensive passport documentation ensures smooth processing and verification.
  • Email IDs and contact channels provide efficient communication throughout the licensing process.
  • Providing a complete residential address ensures transparency and trust between the licensing authority and the business.
  • For residents, additional documents not only streamline the process but also reinforce the commitment to business operations in the UAE.
Timeline for Acquiring License

Our commitment to efficiency ensures a standard processing time of 3-4 business days. For businesses with time-sensitive requirements, our expedited service guarantees license acquisition within just 1-2 business days, ensuring they hit the market running.

How Can Choose UAE Help

The Freelancer License in Dubai Free Zone signifies the city’s forward-thinking approach. Recognizing the global trend towards freelancing and flexible work structures, this license emerges as a golden opportunity within Dubai’s dynamic ecosystem. Contemplating a freelance journey in Dubai? Let Choose UAE be your guide, ensuring your aspirations are realized seamlessly.

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