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How to Register a Company in Dubai from India

how to register a company in dubai from india

The cosmopolitan allure of Dubai is undeniable. Nestled within the heart of the UAE, Dubai has transformed itself into a global commercial powerhouse. For Indian entrepreneurs, the prospect of expanding or initiating a business in this dynamic environment is both exciting and potentially lucrative. As you contemplate this pivotal step, understand the depth and nuances of how to register a company in Dubai from India.

How to Register a Company in Dubai from India

Why Dubai Calls Out to Indian Entrepreneurs

Geographical Proximity: Dubai’s closeness to India makes it logistically easier for trade and travel.

Cultural Familiarity: The rich tapestry of Indian culture interwoven within Dubai’s societal fabric ensures a smoother cultural transition for Indian entrepreneurs.

Economic Diversity: Moving beyond its oil legacy, sectors like fintech, e-commerce, tourism, and real estate in Dubai offer myriad opportunities.

Detailed Steps for Company Registration from India to Dubai

Jurisdiction Decision:

Dubai Mainland: Ideal for those targeting the local UAE market. It offers the flexibility of doing business in any part of the UAE and beyond. It’s crucial to note that foreign entrepreneurs setting up on the mainland will need a local service agent or sponsor. However, this local partner won’t hold any shares in your online business; the foreign entrepreneur retains 100% ownership.

Free Zones: Tailored for businesses focusing on international markets, offering benefits like 100% ownership and tax incentives. Each free zone specializes in specific industries, so the choice becomes paramount.

Determine Business Activity: Your intended business activity will shape the kind of license you’ll require. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) has an exhaustive list, ensuring that businesses have clarity on regulations.

Company Name Reservation: Picking a name is not just a procedural step; it should reflect Dubai’s cultural sensibilities and connect with the audience you’re targeting.

Document Compilation and Submission:

  • Passport Copy
  • Two Passport-size Photographs
  • Trade Name (3 possible options for a trade name or company name)
  • Residence Address Proof (UAE or home country)
  • Visa Copy (if you are a resident) or Entry Stamp (if you are on a tourist visa). Skip if you don’t have either of them.
  • Emirates ID (front and back) – If you are a UAE resident only, otherwise it’s not needed
  • Payment Proof

Acquisition of Office Space: A physical address, even if it’s a virtual office in some free zones, is a necessity. This also influences the number of employee visas you can obtain.

License Finalization: With approvals in hand, finalize your specific license – be it commercial, professional, or industrial – by making the designated payment.

Corporate Bank Account Setup: With your freshly minted license, you can approach any of the UAE’s reputable banks. They often have specialized departments catering to international businesses, facilitating the account setup process.



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