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How to Start a Business in Dubai as an Armenian

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For Armenian entrepreneurs eager to delve into the vast opportunities of the Middle East, Dubai presents an unparalleled prospect. Celebrated for its vibrant business ecosystem, geostrategically advantageous location, and a government that fosters entrepreneurship, the city is a compelling destination for ambitious Armenian business visionaries aiming to start a business in Dubai.

Start a Business in Dubai as an Armenian

Embarking on a business venture in Dubai begins with understanding the various options for business formation. You have the freedom to establish your venture in the bustling Dubai mainland or within the specialized Free Zones, subject to your business nature and target demographic. Mainland enterprises offer the liberty to operate across the UAE, while Free Zone establishments are limited to their respective zones, albeit enjoying a host of tax incentives and customs exemptions.

Next on the agenda is the selection of your business activity. The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) prescribes over 2,000 business activities across a multitude of sectors, from tech and finance to retail and hospitality. This choice is significant as it dictates the type of business license you need to procure.

Upon deciding the business activity and the jurisdiction, it’s essential to determine your company’s legal structure. Options range from a Sole Establishment and a Civil Company to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and various partnership models. This choice hinges on factors such as business nature, desired control levels, and your overarching business objectives.

Following this, you must choose an appropriate trade name for your company. It’s important to remember that the UAE has specific guidelines for trade names, which should ideally mirror the intended business activity.

Once you’ve navigated the preceding steps, it’s time to secure the necessary business license. Depending on the nature of your chosen business activity, you can opt for a commercial, professional, or industrial license.

Finalizing your business setup involves opening a corporate bank account in the UAE. Numerous local and international banks offer a broad spectrum of services in Dubai. It’s prudent to select a bank that best serves your business requirements. With your bank account operational, you’re all set to kickstart your business operations.


Establishing a business in Dubai as an Armenian entrepreneur promises not only a dynamic economic environment to flourish but also an unparalleled standard of living, making the city an enticing proposition for both business and residence.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we appreciate the complexity involved in initiating a business in a foreign land. Our mission is to assist you at every step of your journey – from pinpointing the optimal business activity and securing your license to inaugurating your corporate bank account. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to smoothing your transition into Dubai’s vibrant business ecosystem. Reach out to us today to explore how we can bring your entrepreneurial aspirations to fruition.



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