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How to Start a Small Business in the UAE and its Cost

How to Start a Small Business in the UAE and its Cost

Over an extended period, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been at the forefront of global progress, offering investor-friendly policies, various business setups, and growing economic opportunities to entrepreneurs across the globe. However, before forming a company, one needs to identify where in the UAE they prefer to put up their business. The Emirate chosen dictates the cost required to start the business and other legal structures of the company. Let’s dig deep into how to start a small business in the UAE.

Why Start a Small Business in Dubai and the UAE? 

There are numerous reasons why entrepreneurs across the globe should choose to start their businesses in Dubai and UAE. The UAE tax regime is favorable to entrepreneurs, and there is zero percent tax levied on corporate and personal incomes. Also, UAE is strategically located at the heart of the Middle East. Therefore, it is the best hub for starting business operations that can extend worldwide.

Knowing how to start a small business in the UAE is important, our Company Formation Specialists will walk you through the process of starting your company in the UAE; working with them smoothens the process making it more cost-effective.    

How to Start a Small Business in the UAE: Step-By-Step

Company formation for small businesses in the UAE involves a few steps: 

Step 1: Choose the business activities

UAE offers various business activities from which a potential entrepreneur can choose. Our team can give you the complete list and help you select your intended business activities.

Step 2: Decide on the company name 

There are several factors to consider when choosing the company name. Our Company Formation Specialists are equipped with the latest rules to help you choose the right name for your business activity and give comprehensive input on the trade name guidelines in Dubai and the UAE.


Step 3: Identify the setup location

One must decide which Emirate they would opt to start their business. A Free Zone is most preferable and offers a cost-effective setup for new entrepreneurs as they offer financial incentives. Entrepreneurs can also have 100% company ownership of the company and are exempted from customs taxes.

Step 4: Trade license application

The license acquisition process for local and international entrepreneurs is easier with Choose UAE. You only need to provide us with the necessary documents, and we will help in the application and submission of the request to the relevant government authorities. 

Costs of Starting a Small Business

Obtaining your business’s trading license in the Dubai and Sharjah Free Zones should not be difficult; with the help of our team, it becomes efficient, fast, and affordable.

The cheapest license you can get to start a small business is AED 5,750 in a Sharjah Free Zone, and AED 12,500 if you want to start your business in a premium location in Dubai Free Zone.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Establishing a new business in the UAE is a smooth process with Choose UAE. Our Company Formation Specialists are ready to offer adequate support and find the best solution, so you avoid costly errors. Launch your company at an affordable cost in the UAE today and schedule a free consultation. 

We also offer services beyond licensing, which range from Visa processing, Corporate Bank Opening, Branding & Digital Marketing Services, to help establish the foundation for your business without stressing out. Check out our startup support services and kickstart your operations today! 

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