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How to Start a Travel Agency in Dubai Easily and Effectively

Start a hassle-free and efficient company incorporation of your travel agency. Contact us to know how to start a Travel Agency in Dubai.

Starting up a travel agency in UAE or specifically Dubai, one must follow the relevant due process established by the country’s laws. It is important to know how to start a travel agency in Dubai, for entrepreneurs to ensure that the travel agency operates legitimately, saving it from potential lawsuits, a company formation specialist will give all the factual and valuable information that you would need to successfully start your travel agency in Dubai. 

Why Dubai? The emirate has become one of the world’s leading tourist attraction centers with millions of tourists visiting annually and expected to continue increasing over time. With its popularity rising at a high rate, investors across the globe see a business opportunity to establish their travel agency in Dubai. 

Steps on How to Start a Travel Agency in Dubai

Starting up a travel agency in Dubai is not as daunting as one may think, with the right company formation specialist to guide you through. One must follow the due process because UAE tightly regulates the tourism sector as it is a core industry contributing to the country’s GDP. 

1. Set up the business activity: An investor should start by determining the business activity’s nature and deciding which will benefit their business the most. 

2. Choose the name of your company: Creating the traveling agency name may seem an easy task. However, you need to understand the country’s naming conventions before naming. For instance, using words such as West, East, international, or global is acceptable. However, you may incur an extra cost or suffer several restrictions.

3. Choose the jurisdiction: One can opt to operate under the Dubai Mainland or a Dubai Free Zone. Depending on the type of business activity in the tourism industry, a company formation consultant can help you choose which jurisdiction will benefit your travel agency the most.


4. Obtain a trade license: Like any other country, starting a business venture in Dubai requires you to obtain a permit of operation based on your type of business. To operate a travel agency, you can apply under a Mainland or Dubai Free Zone trade license. Below are the basic requirements for applying for a travel agency license. 

  • Passport copies of all the shareholders and managers of the travel agency
  • Copy of the shareholders’ passports
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority

There may also be other documents that the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) may require for the travel agency to operate. 


5. Obtain employee visas. Upon license approval, the investor needs to acquire visas for workers who will work in the agency.

It is noteworthy that obtaining a license in Dubai Mainland will require you to opt for a professional license, hence the need for a Local Service Agent (LSA).

Benefits of Starting a Travel Agency in Dubai

There are many benefits associated with establishing a travel agency in Dubai. Some advantages include:

  • Wide customer access: The UAE has set flexible visa laws, allowing more tourists to visit. Therefore, investors will have access to customers from all-round the globe. 

  • Great financial rewards: Dubai and UAE have iconic landmarks, such as the Burj Khalifa, which attract many tourists. As a travel agency, one will enjoy the rewards of more visitors, skyrocketing the agency’s profitability. Also, since the fuel prices are low, it reduces the cost of operation, implying better financial rewards on investment.

  • One will get to travel more: If traveling is your favorite hobby, opening a travel agency will expand your traveling schedule as you witness exciting structures in the city of gold.

Opening a travel agency in Dubai is a potentially profitable business venture that involves simple steps to set up and can include activities like selling travel, tour, transportation, and accommodation services to tourists and locals alike.  Explore and join thousands of investors minting millions from the traveling agency business.

Choose UAE

Choose UAE can not only help you choose the best jurisdiction to operate your travel agency, but they will also give valuable advice on how it can benefit you according to your business needs. You can choose to operate under Dubai Mainland which starts from AED 14,500 or a Dubai Free Zone at AED 12,500

We provide an impartial business setup advisory and fast and efficient license processing as we are dedicated to giving you a business setup like no other. Schedule a free consultation today.

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