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How to Start an Online Business in Dubai without a Physical Presence

how to start online business in dubai

Starting an online business in Dubai presents a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Curious how to Start an Online Business in Dubai remotely? The exciting news is that you can launch and run a thriving online business in Dubai without needing to establish a physical presence in the city.

How to Start an Online Business in Dubai

Step 1: Determine your activities

Before starting a business in Dubai, you should decide on the type of business activities you wish to undertake. It’s important to keep in mind that  the number of activities permitted under a single license can vary depending on the specific free zone and activities are mostly media, trading/commercial and service activities.

Step 2: Choose a free zone

Each Free Zone in the UAE has a specific list of permitted activities, as well as varying facilities and visa quotas. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to seek professional advice to determine the most suitable Free Zone for your business. Your corporate structure options include creating a New Company with individual shareholder(s), a Subsidiary Company with corporate shareholder(s), a Joint Venture Company with a mix of individual and corporate shareholders, or a Branch of a Local or Foreign Company. Keep in mind that some business activities may only be allowed for Branch Companies, so it’s essential to confirm with your chosen Free Zone.


Step 3: Submit documentation

To start the company registration process, you must provide a list of proposed company names (at least three) in order of preference, and prepare a list of necessary documents required by the selected Free Zone. The required documents for new company formation typically include a passport, visa, EID (if applicable), NOC for UAE residents (for certain Free Zones), proof of residential address, and a professional CV. However, the documents required for registering a branch company may differ.

Step 4: Registration, approvals, and get your license

Once the documents required are signed and submitted, next is to obtain approvals from various authorities. Once all necessary approvals are obtained, and all payments are made, the license will be issued along with other corporate documents including the trade license. It’s worth noting that the specific requirements and procedures may vary depending on the chosen Free Zone and the type of business activity. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek professional guidance to ensure a smooth and efficient registration process.




Starting an online business in Dubai can be a highly rewarding venture, offering numerous opportunities for growth and success. By following the above steps, you can successfully launch and run your business remotely without needing a physical presence in Dubai. With the right guidance and support of Choose UAE, starting an online business in Dubai can be a seamless and exciting journey towards achieving your entrepreneurial goals.

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