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How to Start Tourism Company in Dubai

how to start tourism company in dubai

Embracing the flourishing tourism industry of Dubai opens a world of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs. If you are planning to dive into this dynamic sector, we’re here to guide you through the process of how to start tourism company in Dubai.

How to Start Tourism Company in Dubai?

Step 1: Comprehensive Market Analysis and Business Plan Creation

Begin by immersing yourself in the tourism market of Dubai. Conducting meticulous market research will help you identify your potential customers, grasp the competition, and comprehend the trends and demands of the industry. Equipped with these insights, construct a detailed business plan outlining your service offerings, pricing modules, promotional strategies, and financial forecast.

Step 2: Structuring Your Business

The next step involves deciding the legal structure of your business. Are you considering a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a limited liability company (LLC)? Each structure has its unique benefits, limitations, and legal implications. Therefore, it might be beneficial to seek professional advice to choose the one that suits your business requirements the best.



Step 3: Acquiring the Appropriate Licenses

Securing a license from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is a critical step in establishing a tourism company in Dubai. The license you need will depend on the specific nature of your business – whether you aim to run a travel agency, a tour operation, or a tourism consultancy. Ensure you comply with all the necessary prerequisites and pay the stipulated fees to get your license. If you’re considering setting up in one of Dubai’s Free Zones, licensing options can be as affordable as AED 12,500, while Mainland packages start from AED 14,900!

Step 4: Setting Up Your Office

After acquiring the license, it’s time to establish your workspace in Dubai. Consider factors such as easy accessibility for your clientele, vicinity to popular tourist spots, and affordability when picking your location.

Step 5: Implementing Your Marketing Strategy

With the logistics taken care of, now is the time to draw customers to your business. Execute your marketing plan, leveraging tools like digital marketing, social media platforms, collaborations with hotels and airlines, and other strategies pertinent to your target audience.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Launching a tourism company in the global hotspot of Dubai can be a rewarding venture. While it involves multiple steps, strategic planning and execution can streamline your business journey and bolster your success. This is where we, at Choose UAE, step in. Our seasoned team of professionals can assist you in every step of your journey, providing comprehensive support in market analysis, business planning, choosing the right business structure, securing licenses, and implementing effective marketing strategies. With Choose UAE as your partner, you can focus on your vision while we handle the complexities of setting up your tourism business in Dubai.

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