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IFZA Company Formation


The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), situated in the Emirate of Dubai, has rapidly become a prime destination for businesses looking to establish their presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Known for its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and strategic location, International Free Zone Authority offers a world-class business environment for entrepreneurs and investors. In this blog, we will delve into the process of International Free Zone Authority company formation, highlighting its advantages, available license types, and how Choose UAE can assist you in setting up your business in this dynamic free zone.

Advantages of IFZA Company Formation

International Free Zone Authority offers a range of advantages to businesses looking for a strategic location in Dubai. With its prime location, businesses have exceptional access to global markets. IFZA also provides seamless access to Free Zone business formation and administration services, making the setup process more efficient. Businesses can choose from thousands of business activities, and versatile Business Licenses can be obtained through the establishment of FZCOs or registration of branch offices. The ability to combine Professional, Commercial, and Industrial activities under a single IFZA License offers more flexibility to businesses. Additionally, a competitive General Trading License is available to businesses without any requirement for paid-up share capital, providing more flexibility in financial planning. The setup process is also made smoother, as there is no need for NOC from the current visa sponsor.



International Free Zone Authority License Types

To establish a company in the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), obtaining the right business license is essential. IFZA provides a range of license types to suit diverse business activities and requirements:

IFZA offers various licenses, including the Professional License, which is ideal for consultancy services and service industries; the Commercial License, tailored for trading activities; and the Industrial License, designed for manufacturing and processing activities. These licenses are structured to accommodate the specific needs of different business sectors, facilitating a streamlined setup process in this dynamic free zone.

Process of IFZA Company Formation

The process of setting up your business in International Free Zone Authority involves three key steps: documentation, processing, and license approval and issuance. To begin, you will need to submit the following documents: the License Application Form, which includes information about the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership; a copy of your passport; a digital passport photo; and for UAE residents, copies of the Emirates ID and Visa. Once our support team receives these documents, they will register your shareholders’ information on the registration portal. After the initial approval, the Authority will issue two E-legal forms that need to be signed prior to the issuance of the incorporation documents. Finally, once the signed forms are received, the Authority will proceed with the license approval and issuance, allowing you to commence your business operations within International Free Zone Authority.


How Choose UAE Can Help with IFZA Company Formation

Choose UAE is a reputable business setup consultancy with extensive experience in assisting entrepreneurs and investors with their company formation endeavors in the UAE, including International Free Zone Authority. Our team of experts can provide tailored guidance and support throughout the process, including:

Expert Consultation: We will advise you on the most suitable business structure, licensing options, and office solutions based on your specific needs and objectives.

Company Name Reservation: Choose UAE will help you reserve a unique and appropriate company name in line with IFZA’s naming regulations, ensuring a smooth registration process.

Document Preparation and Submission: We will guide you through the necessary documentation required for company registration and license application, reviewing your documents for accuracy and completeness to minimize potential delays in the approval process.

License Application: Choose UAE will handle the license application on your behalf, liaising with IFZA to ensure a swift and seamless approval process. We can get you a license without needing your physical presence. 

Post-Formation Assistance: Banking, Graphic Design, Website, Approval or anything your business needs.


Setting up your business in International Free Zone Authority offers a wealth of benefits and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors seeking a strategic location, cost-effective solutions, and a business-friendly environment. With a range of license types and a streamlined company formation process, International Free Zone Authority is the perfect choice for businesses looking to establish their presence in Dubai and expand their global reach. Choose UAE, with its extensive experience and expertise in company formation, is your ideal partner in this journey. We are committed to providing personalized guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring that your business setup in IFZA is smooth and hassle-free. Partner with Choose UAE, and let us help you unlock the full potential of your business in the dynamic and thriving IFZA free zone.

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