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Everything you need to know about International Free Zone Authority Dubai

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The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) in Dubai has become one of the most vibrant business gateways in Dubai, with local and international businesses utilizing the benefits of UAE’s geographic positioning and state-of-the-art facilities, attracting more and more investors at their doorstep– with the Free Zone accessing all Arabian Gulf Ports including the Iran, Pakistan, and India markets. IFZA is also known as one of the cheapest free zones in Dubai, with fast-and-easy company setup procedures and minimal requirements. 

Moreover, IFZA’s vision is for sustainable development, with its operations less damaging to the environment. Hence, IFZA promotes both innovation and sustainability in its business-friendly environment. It is the leading Free Zone in providing ideal platforms for businesses locally and globally and is one of the leading free zones for company setup in Dubai. IFZA provides services that keep it a step ahead of other free zones with its efficient, fast incorporation, and competitive license packages.

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Benefit of IFZA Free Zone

IFZA Free Zone License Packages

Whether you’re a small business or a large international business, there is a wide range of license packages made available for your business setup in Dubai and the UAE that will surely serve your entrepreneurial needs. 

IFZA offers customizable cost-effective solutions where you can mix and match business activities under one license. If you’re a foreign entrepreneur, you can also opt for a license with a visa that will let you maximize and get all the benefits in starting your business in the UAE. 

Standard Package

License Only

AED 11,900

License with Visa Package

1 Visa Allocation

AED 17,900

No License Processing Fee. No Hidden Charges.

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How To Obtain IFZA Free Zone License in UAE


Obtaining a license with IFZA can be challenging for foreign entrepreneurs, but Choose UAE makes business setup easy for all. Select a package related to your business requirements and submit the documents to your Dedicated Account Manager. Choose UAE will process the application on your behalf without you needing to be present.

Get your license processed within one week with the help of our Company Formation Specialists– not only do we make sure that you get an efficient business setup, we also provide all the essential tools you need for starting your business with our startup support services. Get in touch with us today.

Jurisdiction - International Free Zone Authority

Types of


Commercial License

Companies involved in any commercial trade activity can avail of this license; both general and specialized traders need to obtain the license to carry out business operations.

General Trading License

Companies are allowed to trade a wide range of goods, such as clothing, accessories, and electronics, there is no need for goods to be related to one another, and they can be as diverse as possible.

Professional License

Individuals and companies who provide professional expertise based on their educational qualification; consultancy services, medical services, artisanship, and the likes are the kind of business activities under professional license.

Industrial License

Companies are allowed to undertake business activities of industrial nature that require a warehouse within the UAE, such as manufacturing or refining petrochemicals.

Popular Activities in IFZA Free Zone

Media & Publishing

Wholesale & Retail

Services & Consultancy

10 Reasons to Choose IFZA Free Zone

The Most Cost-Effective Option

The strategic positioning of the IFZA in the heart of Dubai opens opportunities for business establishments. Companies located in this region enjoy a lot of benefits. 

Variety of Trading Activities

IFZA does not limit the company’s growth. There is a broad range of activities for businesses to choose from and allow them to acquire a holding license. 

Provides Companies Limited Liability

IFZA provides an independent entity where companies are separated from their shareholders and owners. They also ensure one has access to high-tech and modern business solutions suitable for any business activity.

No Physical Presence Required

This Free Zone offers the most straightforward way of setting up the business without necessarily being physically present. 

Simple Setup of Bank Accounts

Opening a business in IFZA guarantees a simple bank account setup in which the Choose UAE team can assist you with. 

Tax Incentives

There are no personal income or corporate tax charges. Additionally, companies are exempted from export and import taxes and can ship products from other Free Zones or abroad.

Total Foreign Ownership

IFZA offers complete ownership of the company. Hence one does not require a local company partner or sponsor.

Access to A Significant Part of The World

Establishing a company in IFZA offers one an opportunity to trade in Dubai easily, the entire UAE, Africa, and the Middle East.

Full Company Solution

Choose UAE can provide you with a full solution of your company setup in IFZA, starting from your trade license to support services that you will need in running your business. 

Hassle-free Establishment Process

IFZA company setup has never been easier with our team who will be with you in every step of the way, from consultations, to documentations, and license issuance. All you need to do is contact our Company Formation Specialists to get started

FAQs on IFZA Free Zone

This zone allows total ownership of the company; hence, one does not require local partners to establish a company.

Yes, IFZA is a highly recommended location to set up a new business as it is one of the fast-growing free zones.

IFZA Free Zone operates as an economic area where one can trade goods and services. No customs duty and tax rates are charged, and one is exempted from export and import taxes.

IFZA supports limited liability companies and allows at least one shareholder.

Yes, one can renew their trade license remotely. You just need the renewal fees and an authorization letter, and Choose UAE can assist you with it. 

It only takes 5 to 7 Business days to acquire the trade license.

It is impossible for one to transfer a business from one Free Zone to another. However, one may opt to liquidate the entity and open it in another Free Zone. Also, one may open a branch of the same firm in another Free Zone. 

How Choose UAE Can Help

Choose UAE can provide all the tools you need for a successful company setup in IFZA Free Zone. Beyond license issuance, our team makes sure that you’re equipped with the essentials; from running your business to scaling up in Dubai and the UAE. Choose UAE’s got you covered from A to Z.

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