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Maid Visa in Cost and Requirement in Dubai

maid visa cost dubai

Navigating the maid visa process in the UAE requires a clear understanding of the regulations in place. While the UAE is praised for its transparent guidelines, it’s essential to grasp the intricacies of the maid visa cost in Dubai to facilitate a hassle-free sponsorship. This article will provide insights into the financial aspects associated with the maid visa cost Dubai offers, along with details on the sponsor’s obligations and the maid’s eligibility. Equip yourself with this knowledge to ensure a seamless sponsorship journey.

Maid Visa in Cost and Requirement in Dubai

Criteria for Sponsors: Ensuring Financial Solvency and Proper Accommodation

For anyone eyeing the prospect of sponsoring a maid in Dubai, understanding the following criteria is crucial:

Residency Status: The primary requirement for a potential sponsor is to hold a valid UAE residence visa. This applies universally to Emirati nationals and foreigners. For those under a Green or Business visa category, a valid residence permit for the entire sponsorship duration is mandatory.

Income Requirements: The Dubai government mandates a specific income threshold to ascertain the sponsor’s capability to hire and sustain a maid. The current stipulation necessitates sponsors to have a minimum monthly income of AED 6,000. However, if the employer provides accommodation, the minimum income required stands at AED 5,000. Ideally, for a smoother process, a monthly income north of AED 10,000 is recommended.

Evidence of Stable Income: Demonstrating a stable income flow is essential. Those employed in reputable private firms or government sectors can leverage their employment status. Business owners or self-employed individuals should provide recent financial statements or transaction histories, typically spanning the previous three to six months.

Accommodation Provisions: A crucial aspect of the sponsorship process is the sponsor’s commitment to the maid’s well-being. This is gauged through the provision of adequate housing, meaning a separate room for the maid in a two-bedroom residence.



Eligibility Considerations for Maids

Before zeroing in on a maid, sponsors should ensure the potential hire fulfills specific criteria:

Country of Origin: Thanks to the MoUs the UAE government has with specific countries, sponsors are required to hire maids from these select nations only.

Salary Norms: The MoUs also establish a baseline wage for maids depending on their nationality. It’s essential to note that real-world factors like the maid’s experience, skills, or language abilities might necessitate a higher salary than the minimum threshold.

Age Constraints: Each MoU dictates age considerations, like the stipulation for Filipino maids to be aged 30 or above but not exceeding 60.

While understanding these intricacies can seem daunting, it’s pivotal to remember that the listed salaries are minimums, and prevailing conditions often influence the actual salaries. The typical wage of a maid in Dubai might hover between AED 1,500 to AED 3,500.

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