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Meydan Free Zone License Popular Activities

meydan free zone license

Meydan Free Zone, strategically located in the heart of Dubai, has rapidly emerged as a popular destination for businesses looking to establish a presence in the UAE. Offering a wide range of licensing options and a business-friendly environment, Meydan Free Zone has become a sought-after location for companies across various industries. In this blog, Choose UAE will delve into the popular activities and types available in Meydan Free Zone license, providing insight into why businesses should consider setting up shop in this dynamic free zone.

Popular Activities for Meydan Free Zone License

Meydan Free Zone caters to a diverse range of business activities, making it an attractive option for companies operating in different sectors. Some of the most popular activities in Meydan Free Zone include:

Consultancy: Meydan Free Zone license is a popular choice for businesses offering consultancy services, which may include financial advisory services, IT consulting, marketing consultancy, and management consultancy, among others.


Media Production: Meydan Free Zone license provides an optimal environment for businesses involved in media production such as digital content creation, television, and film, thanks to its cutting-edge infrastructure.


E-commerce: The rapidly growing e-commerce sector finds a conducive environment in Meydan Free Zone, which offers excellent facilities and support for online businesses.


Trading: Companies and businesses involved in trading activities, such as import & export, distribution, and logistics, can benefit from the strategic location and seamless connectivity offered by Meydan Free Zone.


Education and Training: Meydan Free Zone license provides opportunities for businesses to offer education and training services, including vocational training, corporate training programs, professional development courses, and related activities.


Information Technology: Owing to its cutting-edge infrastructure and favorable business policies, the free zone is an ideal location for IT companies specializing in software development, web design, and other tech-related services.


Healthcare Services: Meydan Free Zone serves as an appealing destination for businesses providing a range of healthcare services, such as medical consultation, telemedicine, and distribution of health-related products.


Event Management: Organizations focused on event planning, management, and coordination can leverage the contemporary facilities and strategic positioning of Meydan Free Zone.


Travel and Tourism: Meydan Free Zone’s close proximity to major tourist attractions and transport hubs makes it a top choice for travel agencies and tourism service providers.


Retail: Companies operating in the retail sector can capitalize on Dubai’s expanding consumer market and the state-of-the-art retail spaces available within Meydan Free Zone.

Licensing Types in Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone in Dubai has licensing types for different sectors to cater to businesses’ unique needs. These types include popular options such as commercial, consultancy, media, e-commerce, and education licenses. The commercial license enables companies to import, export, and distribute goods within the free zone and across the UAE. The consultancy license allows businesses to offer expert advice and guidance to clients in various fields, while the media license permits media content production, editing, and distribution. E-commerce license holders can conduct online sales and marketing, while education license holders can provide various educational and training programs. Meydan Free Zone provides businesses with a flexible and comprehensive approach to establishing operations in Dubai.




Meydan Free Zone is an attractive option for businesses seeking to set up operations in Dubai due to its favorable location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and wide variety of licensing alternatives. The array of popular activities and sectors catered to by the free zone ensures that businesses across various industries can thrive and succeed in this dynamic environment.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we are committed to helping businesses navigate the process of setting up in Meydan Free Zone. Our team of experienced professionals can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the entire setup process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. From selecting the right license package to understanding local regulations and requirements, Choose UAE is here to help you make the most of the opportunities offered by Meydan Free Zone and contribute to your business’s growth and success. Contact us.

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