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New Visa Cost in UAE: A Spotlight on Investor Visa

new visa cost in uae

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a nation lauded for its prosperous economy, strategic geographical positioning, and welcoming attitude towards overseas investment, has become a beacon for entrepreneurs globally. Its appealing blend of investor-friendly policies, sophisticated infrastructure, and cosmopolitan living standards renders the UAE an appealing choice for investors across the world. A policy that has been of notable interest to many is the inception of the investor visa. In this detailed examination, we focus on the new visa cost in UAE, with an emphasis on the investor visa.

New Visa Cost in UAE: A Spotlight on Investor Visa

Deciphering the Investor Visa

The UAE government, in its continuous drive to invite foreign investment, has introduced the investor visa. This long-term visa caters explicitly to international investors, granting them the privilege to reside in the UAE and personally oversee their investments. The investor visa can be issued for a duration of 2 to 10 years, contingent upon several factors, one of them being the size of the investment.

Investor Visas Come in Two Forms

Property Investor Visa: This type of visa is allocated to those who invest in UAE’s real estate sector.

Business Investor Visa: This visa is reserved for individuals who make significant investments in existing businesses or launch new ones in the UAE.

These visas permit the investors and their immediate family to reside, work, and pursue educational opportunities in the UAE without necessitating a local sponsor.

The New Visa Costs in UAE for Investors

The costs implicated in securing an investor visa in the UAE can considerably vary, primarily based on the category of investor visa one is applying for. These costs encompass government fees for visa issuance, medical examination fees, Emirates ID fees, and a range of other administrative charges. It’s crucial to highlight that the investor visa also incurs renewal fees.

While the specific costs may vary, it’s essential for prospective investors to anticipate a notable financial commitment, bearing in mind the substantial investment thresholds that must be met for eligibility for the investor visa.



Perks of the Investor Visa

The investor visa ushers in a host of advantages for its holders. It offers the capacity for self-sponsorship, thereby freeing investors from needing a local sponsor or national service agent to stay in the UAE.

In addition, it provides the flexibility to sponsor family members and domestic workers. Furthermore, the visa enables multiple entries and exits from the country, augmenting convenience for investors with global business engagements.

How Can Choose UAE Help

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