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Obtain UAE Residency Visa: Guide for Canadian Nationals

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For Canadian entrepreneurs considering a business venture overseas, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a wealth of opportunities. One of the significant benefits of starting a business in the UAE is the ability to secure a UAE residency visa, which comes with numerous advantages. This blog by Choose UAE will guide you through the process of obtaining a UAE residency visa by forming a company for Canadian Nationals.

Obtain UAE Residency Visa: Guide for Canadian Nationals

Understanding UAE Residency Visa

The UAE residency visa is an authorization for foreign nationals to live and operate in the UAE over a specified period, generally two to three years, with possibilities for extension. This visa provides you with the privileges of sponsoring family members’ visas, establishing a bank account, obtaining a driving license, and availing local healthcare and educational services.



Mainland Company Formation

Mainland companies can conduct business freely in the local UAE market and internationally. However, for commercial business activities, they require a UAE national as a local service agent (also known as LSA), who holds 0% of the company’s shares. The advantage of forming a mainland company is the ability to apply for an unlimited number of visas, subject to the company’s size and the office space it leases.

Free Zone Company Formation

Unlock the potential of your business in the UAE by opting for a free zone company formation. With complete ownership rights, the ability to repatriate capital and profits, and the added advantage of tax exemptions, free zones provide an ideal platform for entrepreneurs seeking a conducive and lucrative business setup.

The Process of Acquiring a UAE Residency Visa

Step 1 – Company Registration: The first step is registering your company with the Department of Economic Development (DED) for mainland companies or the relevant free zone authority.

Step 2 – Obtaining a Trade License: You’ll need to acquire a trade license, which signifies the company’s legal operation.

Step 3 – Opening a Corporate Bank Account: Once the company is registered, you’ll need to open a corporate bank account.

Step 4 – Application for Visa: After setting up the company, you can apply for a UAE residency visa. The application process involves medical fitness tests and biometric data collection.

Step 5 – Issuance of Visa: After successful application and approval, the residency visa is stamped in your passport.

Embark on a journey from Canada to Dubai and navigate the factors that influence this transition. Delve into key considerations such as the visa application process, securing suitable housing, exploring educational options, accessing healthcare facilities, and assessing the cost of living.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Setting up a company in the UAE and obtaining a residency visa involves navigating through intricate procedures and understanding the specific regulations of different jurisdictions. Choose UAE provides comprehensive business formation services to streamline these processes. We help you understand the market, assist in choosing the right jurisdiction, handle licensing and registration procedures, and guide you through the visa application process.

Securing a UAE residency visa through company formation opens the door to a world of opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs. By choosing to partner with us at Choose UAE, your journey towards setting up a business and obtaining a residency visa in the UAE becomes a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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