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Obtaining UAE Visa for Filipino Nationals

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its booming economy, business-friendly policies, and strategic location, presents abundant opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs looking to expand their horizons. Setting up a company in the UAE not only offers access to a vibrant and diverse market but also facilitates obtaining a UAE residence visa. In this comprehensive guide, Choose UAE explores the steps involved in company formation and the associated UAE visa process for Filipino nationals.

UAE Visa for Filipino Nationals

Deciding on the Perfect Business Jurisdiction

Your entrepreneurial journey in the UAE begins with a key decision: choosing the right business jurisdiction. The UAE provides two main jurisdictions: Mainland and Free Zone. Mainland businesses offer the liberty to trade within the UAE and internationally, while Free Zone entities, offering the advantage of 100% foreign ownership, operate within their designated Free Zone and beyond UAE borders.

Identifying Your Business Activity

The essence of your business – its activities – will define the type of license you need to acquire. Various departments, like the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, have categorized a diverse range of activities across numerous sectors. Take the time to define the activities that resonate with your business goals and objectives.

Obtaining Your Trade License

With a clear vision of your business jurisdiction and activity, you’re ready to take the next big step: applying for a trade license. This process requires the submission of several documents to the concerned authorities, typically including your passport, visa, and a carefully crafted business plan.

Obtaining UAE Visa for Filipino Expats 

The investor visa process for the UAE encompasses several crucial steps. First, you’ll apply for an entry permit, colloquially known as a pink slip, which gives you the right to enter the UAE as a resident. Upon arrival, you must adjust your visa status, which can be done either through a status adjustment form or by leaving and re-entering the UAE. A government-mandated medical fitness test follows, ensuring you meet health standards for residents. Then, you’ll register for your Emirates ID, a critical identification tool in the UAE. Finally, your passport receives a stamp confirming your investor visa, marking the end of your application process.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Once you secure your UAE investor visa, you gain the eligibility to sponsor visas for your immediate family members. This includes your spouse, children, and dependent parents.

Embarking on the path of establishing a business in the UAE and acquiring a UAE visa may seem a little overwhelming. However, remember that every journey begins with a single step. With the right guidance and an empathetic hand to hold, the process can be much more manageable and even exciting. Whether you’re contemplating company formation in the UAE or need assistance with the visa process, a knowledgeable and caring partner can make all the difference.

At Choose UAE, we don’t just offer consultancy; we offer companionship. We’re committed to walking beside you on your entrepreneurial journey in the UAE, ensuring it’s not just successful, but also enjoyable and fulfilling. Ready to take the first step? Contact us today to learn more!



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