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Online Trading License in UAE: Key Considerations for Entrepreneurs

online trading license in uae

Planning to turn to the world of online businesses, where the possibilities are endless? And where better to do it than Dubai, where online businesses rake in a staggering $8.5 billion annually? Dubai, the land of towering skyscrapers and luxurious shopping malls, has now become a hub for online businesses, where entrepreneurs are setting up shop in the virtual world, but to do this, you would need an online trading license in UAE.

Online Trading License in UAE 

Business Activity

You need to determine the type of business activities you plan to undertake. The license you require will depend on the nature of your business operations, such as ecommerce, online marketplaces such as and, or social media trading platforms such as facebook and instagram.

Legal Structure

Determining the type of business is essential as it impacts how you operate and ensure your success in Dubai, UAE. The most common structures in the UAE are sole proprietorship, partnership, and LLC. Each has its own requirements and regulations, so choose the one that best suits your business needs.



Free Zone or Mainland

When it comes to obtaining a license for your online business in the UAE, you have two options, which are free zone or mainland. Both options allows you to conduct ecommerce within and outside of the UAE. However, opting for a free zone license is more suitable for an online business as it doesn’t require you to rent office space to obtain the license, unlike mainland. To add, with a free zone license, you have the flexibility to combine multiple business activities.


In starting a business, you would need to apply for licenses and permits, this means that you would need to prepare important documents including passport copies, visa copies, and proof of residence. For some instances, you might also need to submit documents that are essential to showcase your business objectives to help the authorities understand your operations, these can be business plans, financial projections, and marketing strategies.


Cost of starting a business in UAE can vary depending on many things such as the nature of your business activities, requirements, visas, and more. Contact us to get a better understanding of the costs involved, alternatively, use our cost calculator.



Setting up an online business in the UAE can be profitable. Consider your business activities, legal structure, and licensing options carefully to comply with local regulations and set up for success. Choose UAE can provide the expertise and resources you need to navigate the process with confidence, including help with legal structures, documents, and estimating costs.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we can help you navigate the business formation process with ease, from determining the right legal structure to preparing the necessary documents and estimating the costs involved. Contact us to get a 5-star ecommerce licensing experience.

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