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Opening a Company in Dubai: Trade License & Corporate Bank Account

opening a company in dubai

Dubai, a shimmering jewel in the heart of the UAE, is not just a globally recognized travel destination but also a thriving business hub. With its robust infrastructure, strategic location, and business-friendly environment, it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs look to Dubai when considering expanding their business horizons. If you’re contemplating opening a company in Dubai, two critical steps will set the foundation for your business venture: obtaining a trade license and setting up a corporate bank account.

Opening a Company in Dubai

1. Acquiring a Trade License in Dubai

Every enterprise in Dubai, irrespective of its operational scale or type, needs a trade license to legally conduct its activities. This license signifies the company’s adherence to the local laws and regulations.

Holding a trade license in Dubai reaffirms a business’s commitment to the city’s regulations and guidelines. It establishes a trust framework that benefits both the company and its customers, ensuring honest transactions.

How to obtain one?

  • Business Activity & Jurisdiction: Before diving into the licensing process, decide on the nature of your business. Dubai offers a plethora of categories, so ensure your chosen activity aligns with those listed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Also, decide whether you wish to operate within a free zone or mainland Dubai, as licensing requirements can vary.
  • Documentation: Prepare the necessary documents, which often include passport copies, application forms, business blueprints, and approval papers from specific authorities (depending on your business type).
  • Approval & Fee Payment: Once the necessary paperwork is in order, the next step involves awaiting the nod from the DED. Post their affirmation, a set fee is levied to procure your trade license.



2. Setting Up a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

A corporate bank account is more than a tool for managing finances; it’s a testament to your business’s credibility with clients and stakeholders. Holding an account in a Dubai-based bank bolsters your business’s authenticity, streamlines financial transactions, and guarantees adherence to the region’s financial rules.

How to open one?

  • Choose the Right Bank: Dubai is home to numerous local and global banks. It’s imperative to pick one that resonates with your business objectives, considering service offerings, fees, and ease of access.
  • Documentation: Each bank in Dubai might have its set of prerequisites, but in most cases, you’d be expected to present your trade license, passport photocopies of shareholders, the company’s memorandum, and the bank’s application form.
  • Verification & Activation: Post submission, the bank will undertake a verification process. Upon successful verification, your corporate bank account will be activated, granting you full access to your funds and the bank’s suite of services.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Opening a company in Dubai is a journey dotted with various administrative and regulatory milestones. However, by focusing on these two pivotal steps – securing a trade license and establishing a corporate bank account – you lay a solid foundation for your business to thrive and grow in this dynamic emirate. With the right preparation and understanding, your Dubai venture can seamlessly transform from a dream to reality. Choose UAE can help streamline the processes – Contact us.

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