Popular Activities

e commerce license in dubai


This license enables the operation of online businesses and the sell products & services on any online selling platform or their website.

it services company in dubai


This license allows a business to operate in the field of information technology and related activities such as web development.

general trading license in dubai

General Trading

Having this license allows businesses to freely import, export, store a variety of products, and trade goods and services globally.

travel agency license

Travel Agency

This license is a key requirement for the legal operation, guaranteeing compliance with industry regulations and norms.

dubai consultancy company


Acquiring a consulting license enables a business to provide professional services to clients in various fields such as legal, accounting, and engineering.

logistics license in dubai


Getting this license allows a business to operate in the field of logistics and supply management such as transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

real estate trade license dubai

Real Estate

With this license, a business is allowed to develop and manage real estate properties like residential, commercial, industrial and more.

crypto license

Crypto Trading

his license authorizes companies to offer various crypto-related services, including trading, exchange platforms and other related business activities.

free zone online training


Getting this license provides authorization to persons or groups to carry out recreational and training programs and business.

digital marketing license dubai

Digital Marketing

This license allows a business to provide digital marketing services, including the promotion of services, or brands using digital channels.

holding company in uae


Having this license allows a business s to store and manage assets, properties, and investments.

online gaming license


a mandatory requirement for businesses seeking to operate within the realm of online gaming in Dubai.

restaurant license


Restaurant license is essential for legally operating a food establishment in the city and ensures compliance with health, safety, and industry regulations.

manpower supply license

Manpower Supply

This license permits businesses to legally provide staffing services in the city while ensuring compliance with labor laws, regulations, and industry standards.

vacation homes rental license

Short-term Rental

This license permits businesses to legally offer short-term rental properties in the city and ensures compliance with necessary regulations and quality standards.

gold trading business license

Gold Trading

This license is a requirement for for aspiring gold trading entrepreneurs to legally operate and engage in the trade of gold and its related products.

cleaning service license


The license covers a range of cleaning services, including commercial and residential cleaning, and more.

sports license

Sports Management

This license license allows businesses to offer services such as athlete representation, sports event management and more.

event management license

Event Management

This license allows companies to conduct various activities related to event management, including planning and organizing events.

technical services license

Technical Services

This license is a legal requirement for businesses operating in the technical services sector in many cities around the world.

commercial brokerage license in dubai


Getting this license enables the operation of an intermediary between buyers and sellers in a transaction, typically in exchange for a commission or fee.

oil trading license

Oil Trading

Key to this promising industry is the oil trading license, which grants businesses the authority to legally engage in the trade of oil and oil-related products.