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Popular UAE Trade License Options for Singaporean Entrepreneurs

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its dynamic economic landscape and supportive policies for foreign investments, serves as a beacon for global entrepreneurs, including those from Singapore. One of the pivotal aspects of setting up a business in the UAE is the acquisition of a trade license for Singaporean entrepreneurs, a legal prerequisite that legitimises the conduct of specific business activities.

As part of the UAE’s commitment to fostering a diverse economic ecosystem, an array of trade licenses catering to various sectors and industries are made available. For Singaporean entrepreneurs planning to venture into the UAE market, it’s essential to understand the nuances of these trade licenses. In this comprehensive guide, Choose UAE delves into the details of some of the most sought-after trade licenses in the UAE.

Popular UAE Trade License Options for Singaporean Entrepreneurs

Commercial Trade License

As the economic lifeline of the UAE, trading activities – both wholesale and retail – are governed by the Commercial Trade License. This license authorises businesses to engage in the sale or purchase of goods, making it indispensable for enterprises operating in the trading sector. Given the UAE’s global stature as a key trading nexus, this license category remains high in demand.

  1. Electronics Retail
  2. Fashion & Clothing Retail
  3. Automobile Parts Trading
  4. Perfumes and Cosmetics Trading
  5. Building Materials Trading
  6. Computer Equipment and Software Trading
  7. Jewelry Trading
  8. Food and Beverage Trading
  9. Furniture Trading
  10. Import and Export of Goods
Professional License

Tailor-made for service-oriented businesses, the Professional License caters to professionals, service providers, and craftsmen. This license empowers service sector players to contribute to and benefit from the UAE’s burgeoning services market.

  1. Management Consultancy
  2. Marketing Consultancy
  3. IT Consultancy
  4. Accounting and Auditing Services
  5. Legal Consultancy
  6. Medical Services (Clinics, Healthcare centers)
  7. Architectural Consultancy
  8. Educational Consultancy
  9. Event Management Services
  10. Advertising and Media Services



Industrial License

Playing a critical role in the UAE’s industrialisation goals, the Industrial License facilitates businesses involved in the manufacturing sector. It is designed for enterprises transforming raw materials into finished products, resonating with the UAE’s vision to enhance its manufacturing capabilities.

  1. Food Production
  2. Apparel Manufacturing
  3. Petrochemicals Manufacturing
  4. Furniture Manufacturing
  5. Plastic Goods Production
  6. Metal Fabrication
  7. Automobile Manufacturing
  8. Paper Manufacturing
  9. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  10. Electronics Manufacturing

Several sequential steps lead to the acquisition of a UAE trade license: first, determining your business activity, then choosing the legal framework for your company, picking a unique trade name, applying for the license, and ultimately gaining the green light from the relevant authorities.

It’s worth noting that the UAE’s various free zones offer their distinct versions of these licenses, each embedded with unique advantages. Therefore, the strategic choice of your business location, based on factors such as business activity, target market, and long-term growth objectives, becomes an integral part of the decision-making process.


The UAE, with its thriving economy and robust business infrastructure, provides a fertile ground for Singaporean entrepreneurs to sow the seeds of their business ventures. The journey commences with selecting the right trade license that aligns seamlessly with your business aspirations.

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