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Scale2Dubai: Innovative Business Setup in District 2020


District 2020 is a mixed-use urban society that aims at evolving in Dubai’s Expo 2020. The primary goal is to outline an innovative, sustainable, and human-centered city. With its up-to-date physical and digital infrastructure, District 2020 enables collaboration and connections, thereby supporting future living and working. It is a prospective diverse and inclusive society formed around wellbeing and balance. An environment that improves the quality of life, enhances human potential, enables sustainable growth, and new ideas inspiration. Scale2Dubai enforces the vision of District 2020 and Expo 2020 in offering scaling opportunities in Dubai to businesses across the globe.

What is Scale2Dubai?

Scale2Dubai is an inclusive and ambitious program that takes in many applicants from its regions and worldwide. This program offers start-ups and small businesses an opportunity to scale their operations in Dubai and globally. Scale2Dubai draws from District 2020’s goal of supporting industrial growth and innovations. It offers co-working and office spaces that promote and facilitate research and development, exchange of knowledge, and collaboration.

Why Set Up a Business in Scale2Dubai

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider setting up your business in Scale2Dubai:

  •  Your business will be established sustainably with up-to-date digital and physical infrastructure.

  • Scale2Dubai is supported by the most current internet technologies and hence, has the potential for evolution through innovations; it can support the future growth of your businesses. 

  •  The program design is inclusive, progressive, and human-centered; therefore, it promotes all individuals’ balanced wellbeing, enabling them to thrive.

  •  It offers current leasing opportunities that are flexible for residential and office units. You can also have the advantage of being in a competitive structured Free Zone. 

  • You will have an opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with academia, governments, start-ups, and the Fortune 500 companies within a carefully curated ecosystem giving your business a profitable opportunity.

Benefits of Setting up a Business in Scale2Dubai

 There are substantial expenses that businesses incur during start-ups and expansion. These processes are made easier when setting up a business in Scale2Dubai through the following:

1. Visa and a free workspace for two years. The program aims to provide startups with an interactive free workspace to those who will qualify. 

2. Designed to support medium and small business setups. It provides flexible business spaces with suitable sizes for all entities, from start-ups to small businesses.

3. Community lifestyle. This program provides everyone’s ideal lifestyle for families and young professionals willing to unwind, work, and live in one region.

4. Subsidized urban living for two years. Scale2Dubai offers flexible urban residences convenient for a balanced and modern lifestyle.

5. Access to service providers at special rates. The program’s design allows for connections and collaboration through the digital and physical infrastructure.

6. Calendar of social and networking events. You will access all the tools your business needs to thrive and grow and also benefit from the equity-free programs. 



District 2020 is looking for innovative entities with impacts across growth industries like smart cities, digital healthcare, and smart logistics and mobility. They are also in search for future technologies supporting these firms such as, but are not limited to: blockchain, big data, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence.

There will be a screening of applications to ascertain they fit in the District 2020’s focus industries or any technology supporting these firms. Small businesses and start-ups interested can register here.

The digital and physical infrastructure of the District 2020’s Scale2Dubai comes with a broad range of benefits for all businesses. Register and secure this excellent opportunity for your business to benefit from innovations and ideas that will expand its operation. 

How Can Choose UAE Help

There are numerous opportunities for growth in District 2020’s Scale2Dubai, but the first step to qualify for a business setup in this innovative and collaborative community is to have a trade license. If you’re an entrepreneur or foreign investor looking to start a business, we provide assistance in obtaining a trade license in Dubai and the UAE

We also help startups establish their business successfully and run their operations smoothly in the UAE with our end-to-end support services that will gain them a competitive edge in the industry. Contact our Company Formation Specialists and schedule a free consultation today

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