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Setting Up a Mainland Company in Dubai as a Ukrainian

mainland company setup ukrainian

With its strategically positioned global crossroads, thriving economy, and commitment to innovation, Dubai stands as a beacon for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to expand their horizons. One of the most enticing propositions Dubai offers is the opportunity to establish a Mainland Company, which offers unparalleled access to diverse markets within the UAE and beyond. For Ukrainian entrepreneurs contemplating such a venture, this detailed guide provides a comprehensive overview of the advantages, steps, and considerations involved in a mainland company setup in Dubai for a Ukrainian.

Advantages of Setting Up a Mainland Company as a Ukrainian 

Establishing a mainland company in Dubai brings several advantages for businesses. One key benefit is the unrestricted operational scope, allowing companies to operate anywhere within the UAE without geographical limitations. This provides access to a diverse market and broadens client reach. Additionally, mainland companies have exclusive eligibility to bid for government projects, offering significant growth and revenue opportunities. Unlike Free Zone companies, mainland businesses enjoy a broad spectrum of business activities, enabling them to diversify and adapt to market demands. Moreover, there is no minimum capital requirement for most mainland business activities, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to establish and flourish in Dubai. These advantages make a mainland company setup an attractive option for entrepreneurs in the emirate.

Steps to Establish a Mainland Company in Dubai as a Ukrainian 

When setting up a mainland company in Dubai, several important steps need to be followed. Firstly, you must decide on the specific business activity you plan to undertake, ensuring it aligns with the DED’s classifications. For mainland companies, engaging a local partner or service agent is required by UAE law. Obtaining initial approval from the DED is crucial to proceed with the setup process. Compiling the necessary documentation, including the MOA and other legal documents, is essential. Registering your trade name, which complies with naming regulations, is also necessary. Securing a physical business location within Dubai’s mainland area is a requirement, with a tenancy contract and Ejari registration. Lastly, submitting all the required documents, paying the fees, and obtaining the business license from the DED completes the process. Once you have your license, you are officially authorized to operate your mainland company.



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ChooseUAE offers a suite of comprehensive services to simplify the process of a mainland company setup in Dubai for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. From initial approvals and documentation to finding a suitable local sponsor or service agent, our expert team is here to navigate the complexities of the process. We leverage our in-depth understanding of local laws, regulations, and procedures to ensure that your business setup is as smooth and efficient as possible. At ChooseUAE, we see ourselves as more than service providers; we are partners in your success story.

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