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Sharjah E commerce License

sharjah e commerce license

The digital realm is where businesses are rapidly evolving, and the Sharjah e commerce license has become an enticing proposition for entrepreneurs eager to dive into the Middle Eastern market. This allure is driven by the advantages of the Sharjah Free Zone, renowned for its strategic positioning, welcoming business environment, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Sharjah E commerce License

By setting up in the Sharjah Free Zone, businesses stand to enjoy multiple benefits. The foremost is a 100% exemption from both personal and corporate income taxes. What adds to the appeal is the provision of 100% foreign ownership, eliminating the requirement for a local sponsor or partner. Additionally, the zone allows for full repatriation of both capital and profits. The process of establishment is streamlined, with a plethora of modern facilities, including warehouses and offices, waiting to cater to diverse business needs.



The Sharjah e-commerce license is designed specifically for businesses that aspire to launch an online trading platform. This license is ideal for entities aiming to conduct sales or offer services online, without the constraint of maintaining a physical storefront in the UAE. The process of securing this license begins with foundational research and planning, ensuring alignment with the zone’s regulations. This is followed by the submission of pertinent documents, like passport copies, an application form, and a comprehensive business plan. After a review of these documents, once approved, there’s a fee associated with the license, which varies based on specific business attributes. Upon payment clearance, the license is swiftly issued, allowing businesses to proceed with setting up a corporate bank account in the UAE.

But acquiring the license is merely the start. Setting up a robust online platform compliant with UAE e-commerce norms is of paramount importance. Moreover, if you’re looking to establish a team, the zone offers a range of visa solutions for potential employees. It’s imperative for businesses to stay updated with any regulatory shifts and ensure the timely renewal of their license.

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At Choose UAE, we pride ourselves on guiding businesses through every intricate step of the licensing process. Our seasoned team, armed with unparalleled expertise, seamlessly navigates the nuances of the zone’s regulations. We’re here to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for all our clients. From the initial consultations, through meticulous document preparations, to invaluable post-license support, Choose UAE is committed to being your trusted guide in this e-commerce venture.

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