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Sharjah License Fees

sharjah license fees

Curious about the Sharjah license fees? Embarking on your business journey in Sharjah, one of the UAE’s thriving emirates, promises both affordability and opportunity. Known for fostering business growth through its dynamic and lucrative market, Sharjah has been increasingly recognized as a preferred destination for entrepreneurs worldwide. The Sharjah Free Zone stands out, offering a conducive environment for businesses, all underpinned by a transparent and straightforward fee structure. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into the license fees associated with company formation in the Sharjah Free Zone.

Sharjah License Fees

Securing a business license in Sharjah is a strategic move that offers a plethora of benefits for burgeoning and established businesses alike. Not only does it afford simplified business setup processes, but it also positions your venture in a location that facilitates easy access to vital markets in the GCC, MENA, and broader Asian regions, making international business transactions smoother and more efficient.

1. Sharjah Free Zone License (1 Year)

The foundational fee for obtaining a one-year license in the Sharjah Free Zone is AED 5750. This license serves as the primary permit for companies to operate within the zone.

2. Research and Knowledge Fee

An integral part of the licensing process is the Research and Knowledge Fee, set at AED 10.

3. Processing of Documentation and Government Liaison

To ensure all paperwork and government communications are handled efficiently, a fee of AED 300 is levied.

4. Fast Track Service (Optional)

For those eager to expedite the company formation process, a Fast Track Service is available for AED 700.

Note: Some of the extracted values might be associated with other services or categories. It is advisable to consult a business setup consultant to get a detailed breakdown of all the fees.

Diverse Business Opportunities with a License in Sharjah

Sharjah, with its strategic positioning and robust infrastructure, has been a beacon for entrepreneurs globally. The AED 5750 license, in particular, offers a plethora of business activities, ensuring a fit for diverse business models and visions. Here’s an exploration into the myriad of business activities available under this license:

1. Publishing and Media:
  • Printing Realm: Engage in classic printing, service activities related to printing, and even the reproduction of recorded media.
  • Literary Domain: Dive into the retail sale of books, newspapers, and stationery in specialized stores, or branch into book publishing, publishing of directories, mailing lists, newspapers, journals, and periodicals. There’s also room for other publishing activities and even software publishing.
  • Film and Broadcasting: From motion picture production, post-production, distribution, and projection to sound recording, music publishing, radio, and television broadcasting, the media world is your oyster.
2. Telecommunications:
  • Wired to Wireless: Embark on ventures in wired telecommunications, wireless telecommunications, or even satellite telecommunications. For those looking for a niche, there are options for other telecommunications activities too.
3. Information Technology:
  • Tech Development: Engage in computer programming or provide consultancy and facilities management. There’s also room for other IT and computer service activities.
  • Data Management: Dive into data processing, hosting, and related activities, ensuring data integrity and efficiency for clients.
4. Market Research and Design:
  • Getting the Pulse: Engage in advertising, market research, and public opinion polling, ensuring businesses stay aligned with market demands.
  • Design & Creativity: Explore specialized design activities, photographic activities, or branch into other professional, scientific, and technical activities.
5. Education and Arts:
  • Nurturing Minds: Delve into sports and recreation education or provide essential educational support activities.
  • Artistic Ventures: Unleash creativity with arts and entertainment activities, operate sports facilities, or explore other sports activities.
6. Service Sector:
  • Information and News: Step into the world of news agency activities or other information service activities.
  • Personal Services: Cater to the diverse needs of individuals through other personal service activities, ensuring a holistic service offering.

The AED 5750 license in Sharjah provides a vast landscape for businesses to explore and flourish. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business looking to expand, the Sharjah Free Zone offers the flexibility and breadth to accommodate your aspirations.

If your specific business activity isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us for a free, expert consultation tailored to your unique needs.



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