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Sharjah Media City Popular Activities (Shams)

sharjah media city

Shams, or Sharjah Media City, is a flourishing free zone in the UAE that provides a wide range of prospects for individuals and businesses in the creative and media sectors. It has emerged as a center for ingenuity and enterprise, enticing investments and talent from all over the globe. This blog by Choose UAE aims to delve into the prevalent activities in Shams that make it a perfect choice for creative professionals and media firms.

Sharjah Media City Popular Activities

Advertising and Marketing

Sharjah Media City is a creative hub that houses numerous advertising and marketing agencies offering innovative solutions for businesses locally and internationally. Shams fosters a dynamic environment for advertising and marketing professionals to collaborate and create groundbreaking campaigns. Furthermore, the free zone provides access to an extensive network of industry experts and resources, making it an appealing destination for companies seeking to broaden their horizons.


Numerous broadcasting companies call Sharjah Media City, or Shams, home, producing and disseminating content for television, radio, and digital platforms. Shams offers cutting-edge facilities and technology to facilitate the growth and development of these businesses, solidifying its position as a major player in the broadcasting industry, both regionally and globally.



Film Production

Sharjah Media City’s strategic location and advanced infrastructure have led to its emergence as a top film production destination in the region. Shams provides a full spectrum of services, from pre-production to post-production, catering to filmmakers, producers, and creative professionals. The free zone also offers various incentives and support services to foster the growth of the film industry.


Sharjah Media City is a prime location for publishing companies, providing a wide array of services and support tailored to their specific needs. Shams encourages creativity and innovation for book publishers and digital content creators alike. The free zone also organizes various events and workshops throughout the year, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration within the publishing community.

Events Management

With its top-notch facilities and strategic positioning, Sharjah Media City has become a favored location for event management companies. Shams supports event organizers in planning and implementing successful events, including conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and cultural shows. The free zone also presents various incentives and support services to help businesses succeed in the competitive events management field. Planning to setup a business in Shams? Use Choose UAE’s cost calculator:


Discover the singular characteristics that define Sharjah Media City (Shams) and examine the advantages that arise from launching a business within its structure. This exploration will shed light on its exceptional attributes and emphasize the manifold benefits that position it as an enticing hub for business initiation.

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