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Small businesses in UAE get tax relief with new decision by Ministry of Finance

small businesses in uae

In an effort to support small businesses in UAE, the Ministry of Finance has recently announced a change in its tax policy, offering corporate tax relief to companies earning AED 3 million (roughly USD 816,880) or less annually with the hopes to help businesses bounce back from the pandemic and foster economic growth. As part of our efforts to support small businesses, Choose UAE will provide a detailed examination of the new tax relief policy and its impact on small businesses in this article.

The Introduction of Corporate Tax in UAE

The UAE announced in 2022 that it would implement a corporate tax on business profits starting 1st of June 2023. The intention behind the corporate tax is to promote a more diverse and sustainable economy by expanding the range of income streams in the UAE. However, smaller businesses with lower profit margins were disproportionately affected by the corporate tax and bore the majority of the tax burden.

The New Tax Relief Measures

To address the challenges faced by small businesses, the UAE government recently announced corporate tax relief for companies earning AED 3 million or less. The relief applies to taxable profits earned after June 1, 2023, allowing eligible businesses to benefit from reduced tax liabilities. The government foresees that these measures will ease the financial burdens on small businesses and contribute to a more resilient and equitable economy.



Implications for Small Businesses in UAE

The government foresees that these measures will ease the financial burdens on small businesses and contribute to a more resilient and equitable economy. With reduced tax liabilities, these companies can reinvest their profits into growing their operations, employing more staff, or refining their products and services. The tax relief may also prompt more entrepreneurs to launch new businesses, fostering the expansion of the UAE’s economy.

Supporting Small Businesses in UAE

The UAE government has long recognized the value of small businesses in the nation’s economic growth and has been dedicated to fostering their success. The provision of tax relief by the Ministry of Finance aims to facilitate a more propitious business environment for small enterprises, promoting economic resilience, innovation, and entrepreneurship.



The UAE Ministry of Finance’s recent decision to provide tax relief to small businesses showcases the government’s steadfast support for promoting the nation’s economic growth and development. The government’s tax relief initiative for small businesses fosters a favorable environment that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic resilience by alleviating their financial pressures. Small businesses are essential to the UAE’s economic landscape, and the tax relief measure is a major stride towards securing their enduring prosperity.

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