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Starting a Holding Company in UAE as a Jordanian

holding company uae jordanian

In the global business panorama, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands as a beacon of growth and opportunity. With its cosmopolitan landscape, strategic geographical location, robust infrastructure, and progressive policies, the UAE is a compelling destination for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. One business model that has gained significant traction among international entrepreneurs in the UAE is the holding company structure. For Jordanian entrepreneurs eyeing the UAE market, establishing a holding company could be the key to unlocking unprecedented business growth and diversification. In this comprehensive guide, Choose UAE dives into the nuances of setting up a holding company in the UAE, offering insightful perspectives for Jordanian entrepreneurs.

Starting a Holding Company in UAE as a Jordanian

Decoding the Concept of a Holding Company

A holding company, at its core, is a parent corporation that holds assets of other companies, known as subsidiaries. These assets can span across equities, patents, trademarks, real estate, among others. A holding company exercises control over its subsidiaries by owning more than half of the subsidiary companies’ stock shares, enabling it to influence the subsidiaries’ management and policy decisions.

The allure of a holding company lies in its strategic benefits. By compartmentalizing businesses into individual subsidiaries under the umbrella of a holding company, entrepreneurs can mitigate risks and protect the overall business from any financial setbacks faced by an individual subsidiary. Furthermore, a holding company allows for streamlined control and governance over diverse business operations.

Exploring the Terrain for Holding Companies in the UAE

The UAE, with its visionary economic policies and investor-friendly environment, provides a fertile ground for the establishment and growth of holding companies. Recent amendments in UAE laws, allowing for 100% foreign ownership in mainland companies, have further sweetened the deal for international entrepreneurs. The UAE allows the formation of holding companies in both mainland regions and free zones, each with their own unique advantages. Mainland companies offer the flexibility to operate anywhere within the UAE or globally, while free zone companies can enjoy certain tax advantages and are allowed to operate within their specific free zone or internationally.



Pathway to Establishing a Holding Company in the UAE

Starting a holding company in the UAE involves a series of strategic steps, each crucial to its successful operation. Initially, it’s essential to select the right jurisdiction that complements your business model, future growth, and financial capacity, choosing from the UAE’s diverse mainland or free zone options. Next, the legal structure of your holding company needs to be determined based on your chosen jurisdiction, typically favoring Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) for mainland and Free Zone Establishments (FZE) or Free Zone Companies (FZC) for free zones. Registering the trade name is a key milestone, aligning with the nature of your business and meeting the UAE’s trade name guidelines. Following this, the acquisition of a business license is required for legal operations, procured from the Department of Economic Development for mainland or the relevant Free Zone Authority for free zones. Once registration is complete, opening a corporate bank account is essential to efficiently manage your financial operations. The final step is securing your office space, which is a necessity for most mainland companies, whereas some free zones offer the flexibility of virtual offices.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we’re committed to turning your business dreams into reality. Our team of seasoned experts provides end-to-end support, right from understanding your business vision to navigating the legal formalities, ensuring a seamless setup of your holding company in the UAE. Get in touch with us today, and embark on a promising entrepreneurial journey in the UAE!

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