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Starting a Private Fund-Type Company in the UAE: Compliance and Documentation Guide

starting a private fund-type company in the uae

Starting a private fund-type company or obtaining a financial manager license in the UAE comes with specific compliance obligations and a detailed documentation process. Understanding these requirements is essential for operating within the legal frameworks and maintaining the integrity of your financial services. Here’s a comprehensive overview to help you understand what is required in the UAE.

Compliance Obligations for Private Funds

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance: In the UAE, stringent AML regulations are enforced to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Private funds must adopt AML policies, which include thorough declarations by shareholders and continuous transaction monitoring to ensure compliance.

Financial Record-Keeping: Organized financial books are essential not only for internal management but also to comply with regulatory requests, such as those from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Regular audits and transparent reporting are crucial to maintain compliance and facilitate any potential inspections.

Regulatory Approval from the UAE Central Bank: The Central Bank of the UAE is the primary regulatory body for financial services, including private funds. Gaining approval from the Central Bank is a complex process that requires a detailed submission of your business operations, financial health, and compliance strategies.

Essential Documentation for Starting a Private Fund

When setting up a private fund in the UAE, you will need to prepare and submit a variety of documents, including:

  • A comprehensive business plan that details your fund’s investment strategy, target market, and operational framework.
  • Projections of financial performance for the initial three to five years.
  • Detailed AML policy documents and proof of implementation.
  • Background and financial information of all shareholders and key management personnel.
  • If applicable, audited financial statements from previous operations.

Opting for a Free Zone Setup

For entities looking for a streamlined setup process, the UAE’s free zones offer a compelling option. These zones provide benefits like 100% foreign ownership, tax reliefs, and more relaxed regulatory frameworks, making them attractive for new private funds looking to establish quickly while still complying with UAE laws.



Building Your Presence

Establishing both an online and physical presence is critical for the credibility and operational success of your private fund. This involves securing office space in strategic locations, developing a professional website, and crafting an impactful branding strategy. Services like Choose UAE assist clients with these aspects to ensure a robust setup.

Support During Regulatory Inspections

To ensure smooth operations and compliance with the UAE’s legal frameworks, it’s crucial to manage regulatory inspections efficiently. Choose UAE provides support during these inspections, helping to prepare all necessary documentation and facilitate interactions with regulators.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Starting a private fund-type company in the UAE requires meticulous attention to compliance and documentation. With expert guidance from services like Choose UAE, you can navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring your fund is set up for success in the UAE’s dynamic financial landscape. Contact Choose UAE today to explore your options and kickstart the process with confidence.

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