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Starting Business in Dubai: Fairmont Luxury Hotel Group Relocates Headquarters to Dubai from Paris

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Fairmont, a prominent luxury hotel group renowned for its lavish properties and premium services, has made a significant change to its business operations by moving its headquarters from Paris to Dubai. This move is part of the company’s strategic initiative to bolster its presence in the Middle East and leverage the region’s thriving hospitality market. In this blog, Choose UAE will delve into the rationale behind Fairmont’s relocation to Dubai and its potential impact on the hospitality industry in the area.

A Strategic Decision for Growth

Fairmont, the global luxury hotel chain famous for its opulent properties and upscale services, has recently revealed its plan to relocate its headquarters from Paris to Dubai. Multinational companies are increasingly drawn to Dubai’s pro-business policies, advanced infrastructure, and strategic location, making it a popular choice for those seeking to expand their operations in the region. The move to Dubai will enable Fairmont to benefit from the city’s reputation as a prominent business hub and further its position in the flourishing hospitality market.

Dubai’s Hospitality Industry on the Rise

Dubai is renowned as a preferred destination for both leisure and business travelers worldwide, with its famed landmarks, upscale accommodations, and plethora of tourist attractions, with all that said, Dubai’s hospitality industry has observed a steady rise, with a growing number of global hotel chains establishing their footprint in the city. Fairmont’s decision to relocate its headquarters to Dubai reflects the city’s increasing status as a global hospitality hub, and is anticipated to play a role in the continued growth and development of the industry.


Benefits for the Region’s Hospitality Sector

The relocation of Fairmont’s headquarters to Dubai is a major win for the region’s hospitality industry with the hopes to result in increased investments, job creation, and improved services and amenities for guests. Moreover, the presence of a luxury hotel brand like Fairmont will serve to further establish Dubai’s reputation as a world-class destination for travelers.

Fairmont’s Future Plans in Dubai:

The move to Dubai marks only the start of Fairmont’s ambitious expansion strategy in the Middle East. The renowned luxury hotel group plans to further invest in the region and construct new establishments to meet the increasing demand for upscale lodging. This relocation not only supports Dubai’s flourishing hospitality sector but also highlights the city’s status as a prime location for international businesses.




Fairmont’s decision to relocate its headquarters to Dubai signifies a new chapter in the luxury hotel group’s growth strategy and reinforces Dubai’s standing as a prime destination for global corporations. The move is anticipated to generate significant benefits for the region’s hospitality sector, including increased investments, job opportunities, and enhanced guest experiences.

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